Finally K1 responded to Ayankunle Ayanlowo officially:

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

He said that he started singing WERE music at age 8 together with Oluperi who was 13 by then. Since that time Oluperi has been with him. But Oluperi himself, the Sakara drummer has left and come back many times. He is the only one that can leave and come back at any time bc of how they started together. He said that he dropped out of school but he self educated himself. But today all his children are all highly educated with many doctors, engineers and lawyers and most of the girls are lawyers. He said that he formed the band by himself and he is the owner of the band. He said many band members have left but they are still his friends. He said it was the money he made from the bakery that he used to buy the land of the Resort. He said the Resort has gulped a lot of money bc it is a Dream project for his children in the future.

He said that the initial Sharing formula for the band was 60:40 when they were 9. That is 60 to him, 40 to the band for the show earnings. Bc he was the one singing and getting the shows. Later it was changed to 50: 50 as the band was expanding to16. Currently the band has 28 direct members minus hangers on, so the formula is 40:60. The band will donate 10 and he will donate 10 for the Management Staff. From his 30, he will still pay hangers on.

He complained bitterly of many times that he will borrow money just for the band to travel abroad or he will sell an important land or property.

He said he pays weekly. If they have 4 shows in a week that will be times 4. A lot of money at least N10m goes to the band if 4 shows that’s times 4. He told the journalists to do the Maths for 28 members. He said that when he saw that the band members on Mondays were spending all their money around his house when he was staying in Okota, he forced all of them to open either Gtbank or Zenith Bank account. It is now by transfers. He said when Ayanlowo started his wahala, he has printed his bank Statement.

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