by Adabanija Kamorudeen


I sure didn’t want to get involved in this madness, but then watching & hearing some supposedly educated Nigerians hawk this satanic propaganda like pure water, I just realised that fools multiply only when the wise keep quiet!

Half of PMB’s job in the past 3 years has been to clean up our stinking image all around the world so as to restore our dignity as a country & as a people & bring back the trust of the international community.

But we keep goofing & destroying every gain he makes with our rabid penchant for pettiness & idiotic bickering!
First, it was telling a shocked world that an accomplished Military General, 2 times Head of State{military & civilian}, an officer gentleman that attended their best military academies & graduated with distinctions both in character & learning has no Senior School Certificate! What shame that gullible hateful twerps has to subject a nation to!
Now the latest show of shame is a theory of an impostor Jibril from Sudan ruling in Aso Rock in place of a dead elected president. How have we allowed primitive emotions to take preeminence over reason & make us the butt of jokes around the world!

It wasn’t enough that we wished him dead but we must pronounce him dead too by all means!

Those who stole us blind & are called to account for their loot, those who jostled & campaigned secretly to replace him then thinking he will die in London, the fraudulent agents of disintegration of our country, & the evil kleptomaniac establishment desperate to come back to power are selling you this satanic theory from the pit of hell & you are buying it wholesale & hawking it retail about like recharge card! What a tragic disgrace you are to your school, community & the human race in general!

How can a whole country ridicule herself & make a mockery of the international secret service community, world acclaimed & renowned media houses & respected men of God.

The fraud Nnamdi Kanu & his PDPigs collaborators now know more than the American CIA, Russian FSB, Israeli MOSSAD, British Scotland Yard etc.

They know more than CNN, AlJazzera, BBC, Times, Economists etc.

They know more than the world leaders he has visited in their countries & the ones that has visited him in Nigeria.

They know more than Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury & head of all Anglicans worldwide or Pastor Enoch Adeboye GO of the biggest church in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God both of whom visited him repeatedly in London when he was sick & confirmed glad tidings to the whole world that his recovery is total & amazing!
In our foolish & blinding hatred we have forgotten so quickly that a lot of top government officials visited him in London severally during his illness & brought us good progress report on his total recovery. Those who visited the president during this period include, the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr Yakubu Dogara. Apart from his Media Team, the State Governors, some selected Ministers and the then Acting-President Yemi Osinbajo led the stream of visitors. So now, we shall jettison their testimonies then or believe that all these people, world religious & political leaders, the world press & the international security community is in a gang up conspiracy against Nigeria?

That will be the height of foolhardiness but that is exactly what the hawkers of this stupid theory is telling the world we are, fools!
Again, how could Jubril have known everybody in the President’s home in Kastina, recognize all the political actors in Nigeria, including his ministers and governors.

Proponents of this satanic game should understand that Nigerians are aware & wise people and not fools who will accept such a dubious and diversionary desperation strategy!

For good measure this was verbatim, Mr Yakubu Dogara, the Speaker of the House of Representatives speech after his visit with NASS leadership to the president in London ~ “Today we visited His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari. I am glad that he is doing well. His health has improved tremendously.

I urge all Nigerians to continue to pray and offer thanks to God for answered prayers and for the safe return of Mr President.

We must give thanks to God for this highly welcomed recovery. It is clear that Mr President’s insistence on following his doctors’ advice has yielded the desired results. Mr. President exhibited remarkable recovery and was very conversant with all the political happenings back at home and across the continent.”

Now to the children of anger & perdition, working iniquity day & night, hear this, the Almighty God who kept PMB alive when the desperadoes wanted to snuff him out with poison, will still keep him alive until he completes his mission of ridding our country of the ungodly, conscienceless thieving establishment that has wrecked untold havoc on her! No amount of wicked blackmail from the pit of hell will move him.
And for the irredeemable fools believing stupid pictures, may your condition & body shape during a life threatening illness remain the same without replenishment of flesh & strength when you recover!
May Nigeria Succeed!

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