Tribute to Ogbeni Aregbesola by Semiu Okanlawon

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Simply Ogbeni
(A Tribute)

If I were a poet
And others celebrate you with bottles of moet;
Perching gently like a dove
I would have penned you lyrics of love
But I am no more a palace singer
I can sing no praises any longer

I leave the songs to the lips of the birds
Those birds you have nestled
The mouths you have fed
The bush you have cleared
The markets you have cleaned
The waterways you have cleared

Answer me, Ogbeni
Ogbeni, Answer me!
Will you pass down to me?
The secret in your cult
That cult of innovations
Let me know the Adahunse
The Onisegun, the Juju man
Who gave you key
Unlocking Water out of stones
Oranmiyan! Your magical touch stuns

Even when you were PUNCHED
By those who couldn’t burrow into your barn of ideas;
Your fountain of vision
You Still Provided LEADERSHIP;
POISEd to be at the VANGUARD of good governance
Daily TRUSTing in your dreams and HOPE
For a better society
And BCOS it is appointed
That THISDAY, you shall be celebrated;
CROWNed with the gallands of success.
For those innovations,
You have been UNIQ
And as The SUN sets for your tenure today
Rauf, you are the RAVE of the moment.

-Semiu Okanlawon

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