Lagos State APC blasts governor Seyi Makinde over comment on capturing Lagos State in 2023.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


In his infantile concoction and imagination, the Lone Ranger in South West Nigerian politics , Seyi Makinde exhibits laughable exuberance that at best can only be taken as the hallucination of a drunken moron when he says Lagos APC should be ready for defeat in 2023.

His chance victory in his state obviously beclouds his sanity hence his tall dream and wild goose chase of the north east whirlwind.

Whatever gives Seyi Makinde this inordinate imagination or expectation, it is obvious he is bereft of the dynamics and workings of grassroots politics generally and that of Lagos in particular.

In Lagos, we do not play ‘amala politics’. Ours is practical politics of mass mobilization hinged on good governance and extensively humane cum people centered administrative style which delves on good for the overwhelming majority of the populace.

The unclear premise for his outpouring makes it even imbecilic in outlook. What makes him think Lagos can be a cheap pie ? He should ask his bereaved brethren in Lagos PDP what fate of colossal loss they have suffered for over 20 years now.

Makinde ought to be reminded if he does not know or is merely feigning ignorance that his Lagos prodigious PDP charlatans are a terribly broken and shattered piece. Seyi should be told It will be easier cleaning the Augean’s table than bringing PDP back from it’s current moribund state. Lagos PDP is simply an association of ‘money-making and money-sharing’ lot who smile to the bank at every four years. They simply grab campaign funds, fight themselves and simply disappear into thin air only to resurface for another feast in another four years.

Let Seyi Makinde empty the treasury of his state into the coffers of Lagos PDP to fight the 2023 elections here, himself and his cohorts will be trounced and humiliated.

He should be told the tales of Jonathan, George, Atiku, Obi, Agbaje and their dollars. He should also ask Obasanjo about Lagos.

The man Seyi Makinde needs some orientation and ultimate thorough schooling in politics. Or what is his political antecedence? Arrant Nonsense !


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