APC belongs to us all,we shouldn’t allow it to disintegrate – Senator (Dr.) Ajibola Basiru.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

SRJ At The APC Osogbo LGA Stakeholders’ Meeting

APC belongs to us all,we shouldn’t allow it to disintegrate.

I have always aligned with the decisions of the majority.

I relate amiably with elders,nonetheless, there should be due process in leadership.

Leadership of the party in Osogbo LG and the State has to convene a meeting to ensure harmony within the party.They should try to put an end to factional meetings.

Politics and party are about meetings and Vice versa.

Leaders of the party in Osogbo LG should convoke a meeting to decide the day and time of our General Meeting.

I’m in politics to serve the people on whose goodwill we rise.

Whoever works for unity and strength of the party will benefit when the opportunities come.

We should all go to our wards,attend ward meetings and work for its expansion.

In Osogbo LG,we worked for the emergence of the current administration in the State.

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