Re Osun West senator Adelere Adeyemi Oriolowo lied to constituents

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Our attention has been drawn to an erroneous claim, false accusations and blatant lies being spread around by the campaign organisation of Senator Ademola Adeleke against the Distinguished personality of Senator Adelere Oriolowo as regards the flag-off, of Ejigbo-Iwo road reconstruction and rehabilitation that was held on Wednesday 8th of January, 2020.

In the Press Release, it was erroneously claimed that Distinguished Senator Adelere Oriolowo lied on purpose as regards who facilitated the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Ejigbo-Iwo road wherein, the Press Release falsely claimed, it was Senator Ademola Adeleke who was instrumental to how the dilapidated road got the attention of the relevant government agency that has culminated into how the Road has now started being reconstructed and rehabilitated.

We want to state categorically that the statement from Senator Ademola Adeleke campaign organisation is puerile, hogwash and blatant lies.

They erroneously claimed the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (#250,000,000) has been facilitated by Demola Adeleke for this project wherein, One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira has been released as at 2019 when he was still at the National Assembly representing Osun-west Senatorial District.

The question the public should ask Demola Adeleke and his lieutenants is that who gave the approval for the imaginary Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira(#250,000,000) and on which date was the said One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (#150,000,000) released and who authorised the release?

If the aforementioned imaginary money was released, what stop the implementation of the project since 2019 till Wednesday 8th of January, 2020 that Senator Adelere Oriolowo officially flagged off the project?

Sometimes last year, precisely on the 22nd of November, 2019, we released a Press statement concerning a misleading infographics from TrackaNG( a public accountability organisation) which shows that the 2019 Constituency projects meant for Osun-west Senatorial district was allegedly sponsored by Senator Adelere Oriolowo.

The infographics by TrackaNG indicates that all the 2019 constituency projects meant for the Senatorial district had all been concentrated in Ede North & South local government areas, rather than spreading it across the ten local government areas to meet the wishes of the people in the Senatorial district.

In the Infographics shown by TrackaNG, there was no mention of Ejigbo-Iwo road as one of the constituency projects facilitated by Senator Ademola Adeleke as his 2019 constituency projects while he was serving the Senatorial District at the Red Chamber, it is now so surprising that the Campaign Organisation of Senator Ademola Adeleke is laying claim to a project their principal has no involvement in how it was facilitated.

Below are the projects Senator Ademola Adeleke wish to facilitate as Constituency Projects in 2019.

1) Construction of LOOGUN FED. POLY Road, Ede, Osun-west Senatorial District, Osun State.
Cost Analysis: #140, 000, 000

2) Electrification of ALUSEKERE COMMUNITY, EDE NORTH LGA, Osun-west Senatorial District, Osun state.
Cost Analysis: #40, 000, 000

3) Electrification of AKANKAN in Ede South LGA, Osun-west Senatorial District, Osun state.
Cost Analysis: #20, 000, 000

4) Electrification of IFESOWAPO in AJILOLA EDE South LGA, Osun-west Senatorial District, Osun state.
Cost Analysis: #20, 000, 000

5) Training of YOUTHS in REPAIRS and Maintenance of Solar Street lights in Osun-west Senatorial District, Osun state.
Cost Analysis: #30, 000, 000

The above listed projects shows Senator Ademola Adeleke engaged in grand nepotism as against the kind of character Distinguished Senator Adelere Oriolowo represent. Hadn’t been Senator Ademola Adeleke is still representing the Senatorial District, only God knows what other communities and Local Government in the Senatorial District would have suffered as regards dividends of democracy spreading to their domain.

Is it now not laughable that such nepotic character is laying claim to a project he will never wish see the light of the day unless that of the community he comes from?

Acting up as a formidable opposition involves giving accurate data and information on government policies and projects, however on this issue, Demola Adeleke and his lieutenants goofed totally.

We are expressly looking forward to what Senator Ademola Adeleke reaction will be when the construction of OFFATEDO-EDE road facilitated by Distinguished Senator Adelere Oriolowo equally starts very soon.

On a quick note, we want to advise the campaign organisation of Senator Ademola Adeleke to note the correct spelling of Distinguished Senator ‘Adelere’ Oriolowo name as against ‘Olalere’ they wrongly call him. Kindly note this for future undertakings.

Conclusively, we want to advise Senator Ademola Adeleke, his followers and party members that they should stop spreading lies, falsehood and deceitful statements, electioneering time is over, this is time for NATION BUILDING.

Trying to hoodwink the public with deceit and falsehood will never help their political struggles or increase their political fortunes. It has never helped them in the past, it will never helped them in the foreseeable future.

We admonished them to kindly join hands with Senator Adeyemi Adelere Oriolowo to take Osun-west, Osun state and Nigeria to the NEXT LEVEL.

To the good people of Osun-west Senatorial district, keep calm more unprecedented and developmental projects are still coming from your servant, Senator Adeyemi Adelere Oriolowo.

For us, it is a REPRESENTATION with absolute RESPONSIBILITY.

We wish you all the best. Thanks and God bless.

Senator Adelere Oriolowo Media Office

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