You can’t give what you don’t have, Youth Group replies Adagunodo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

*You can’t give what you don’t have, Youth Group replies Adagunodo*

The Youth Wing of All Progressives Congress in Irewole/Ayedaade/Isokan Federal Constituency has said It’s disheartening and shameful that a person of Mr. Soji Adagunodo could have the gut to accuse the State Government under the leadership of Mr Gboyega Oyetola of diverting public funds to cater solely for his party members when he himself is still facing with countless allegations of misappropriation, fund diversion and a lot of attrocities he committed during the last gubernatorial election in the State where he embezzled party’s fund to his private company.

Mr Adagunodo needs to get some facts right before coming on air to vituperate what I refered to as vague statement full of lies.

Firstly, on the issue of palliatives been distributed to the vulnerable people in the State, it was done in the open and it wasn’t political. However, Mr Adagunodo needs to be told that not only APC members benefited from the gesture, perhaps he needs to come to Osun to ask his party members.

Concerning the debit cards being anchored by the ministry of Youth, Sports and Special Needs, It’s a program which has been on since 2014. The capturing of the beneficiaries was done by a consultant from the world bank, even as a Government, we didn’t have any input whatsoever because they have their people on the field who carried out the assignment and it was devoid of any political inference either from the ruling party, the APC or PDP. The program is designed basically for the poorest of the poor, however, the consultant has a template for picking the beneficiaries, hence, it’s not our doing.

On Thursday, the Honorable Commissioner for Youth, Sports and Special Needs was in the House of Assembly to brief the honorable members concerning the program and luckily, their “abiku” party, the PDP has representatives and if he needs further clarification concerning the program, he should not hesitate to ask their representatives.

The debit cards was designed primarily to guide against any form of fraud, cash diversion, also for the purpose of accountability and transparency. Mr Governor was so magnanimous to the extent that he gave express approval for the distribution of these cards so that people would access their money most especially in this trying period of lockdown.

On the relief committee, Mr Governor out of his genuine love for the state, he set up this committee which comprises people with impeccable character even from their Party, PDP. Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola is among the committee members and he’s a member of PDP ditto Dr Akin Ogunbiyi. This shows the kind of person Governor Gboyega Oyetola is.

If Mr Adagunodo wants to play politics with this pandemic, then he must have committed great mistake which I believed Osun people may not forgive him and his detached party. However, the good people of Osun by now should have known the type of people they are and what they represent as a party. Anyways, I won’t blame him so much because how do you expect somebody who doesn’t have a house here in Osun to Know what’s happening in the grassroot.

This is a government who has not taken any loan since its inception and has been running the affairs of the State with the fear of God. Mr Oyetola doesn’t joke nor play politics with the peoples’s welfare. Today, Osun workers are getting their salaries as at when due without any harrasement or intimidation.

As a party chairman whose Interest is basically on how to enrich himself and his immediate family. None of his children are here in Nigeria. Somebody who doesn’t have any stake in Osun. Somebody who is a Master degree holder, all because of money soiled his integrity and dogmatically followed and presented a O’level drop out as a gubernatorial candidate.

I think we need to ask some of their leaders most especially in Irewole federal constituency if they have not been benefiting from the lots of this same government they are condemning today. The likes of Hon. Lere Oyewumi, Chief Odekunmi took part of Sen. Oriolowo’s rice even to their members. How many APC members benefited from Adeleke’s rice? It’ll also amaze you to know that some known PDP members made the list of poorest of the poor across the State of Osun and they as well got the ATM cards.

Finally, I want to urge Mr Adagunodo that henceforth, he should try as much as possible to get his facts correct before coming to the public because people are taking note of every statement made and at the appropriate time they shall ask questions.

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