We Should have more respect and regards for Tinubu than his people – Mall Abu Abdullah TMAN National president.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

We Should have more respect and regards for Tinubu than his people –

Mall Abu Abdullah
TMAN National president.

If not the kind of politics we are playing in Nigeria, in APC today, if Tinubu is talking, every other member should have just responded, “yes sir.”

But unfortunately, reverse is the case in the ruling party. I could remember I was invited to a political meeting when the 2019 election was approaching, when some of those who are castigating Tinubu today voiced out that all the ruling party members should calm and be patient for the party’s National Leader.

The man spoke further that the preparation of the opposition party as at then could only be won by allowing Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to come fully in and handle it.

I’m now starting to see the whole discussion of that very day as an invitation to aggression. May Almighty God forbid!

Although those who were in total control of that meeting as at then sat down, thinking and contemplating on the way out of PDP Dubai strategies as at then before one of them chipped in a solution louder in the public that Dr Bola Ahmed is the only way out. Every other members kept quiet for about thirty minutes without any response.

Today, eighty percent of those who organized that program are now the brains behind all his attacks today.

To me, I want to call on the common people of this nation not to ever be part of that social and ideological political injustice against APC National Leader, Dr Ahmed Tinubu.

And I’m also pleading with all those who are politically involved in the attacks to calm and be patient as it was called then to remember when the battle was beyond everyone of them in that meeting, they called on him, and wìth the support of Almighty God, all opposition party’s Dubai strategies were killed and buried by Dr Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

All the Yoruba in the Northern part of the country were celebrated by ninety percent of the northerners because of the great involvement of their political leader, Dr Ahmed Tinubu.

Remember, it is still the same Dr Ahmed Bola Tinubu of that time that we are still talking about. Let us have the fear of Almighty God and collectively pay him back the sacrifices that he has rendered to us so that we can maintain the cordial brotherhood with the people in the south, as Tinubu remains the only link between the South and the North.

Then, DOJ institution was fully with President Muhammad Buhari in 2015/19, we worked together in the favour of PMB under different political movements created by the same person, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje. Now, are we going to destroy our more than twenty years’ political relationship because of ethnicity in politics. They related to us without discrimination based on anything at all, please, we should be fair to them! We must not allow our political desperation of today to destroy our tomorrow. Tinubu deserves our total support, and he merits respect and regards from all of us in the Northern part of Nigeria, Abu Abdullah advised Nigerians.

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