Violence against women and children, Monsurat Ajoke Foundation storm Osun Assembly, ……seek lawmakers support against the menace.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen
  • *Violence against women and children, Monsurat Ajoke Foundation storm Osun Assembly,
    ……seek lawmakers support against the menace.
    It is no longer news in Nigeria and all over the world that women and children are been abused. In fact It is an ageless menace. It will not be out of place to say it’s a shame that has refused to leave our us all over the world .
    The English dictionary explains “abuse” as an improper treatment or usage. It explains further that it is the application to a wrong or bad purpose; an unjust, corrupt or wrongful practice or custom. All abuse, whether physical, verbal, psychological or sexual, is bad and should be condemned by all and sundry.
    Hardly will a second, minute, an hour and a day pass by that a case of violence, abuse , molestation, rape etc will not be established not only in Nigeria but across the globe. These two categories I.e the women and children are the most vulnerable and they are the victims of the dastard act in our society and their security has always been in a sorry case. This wicked act are perpetrated by close relatives who take undue advantage of them, uncles, brothers, guardians, teachers, fathers and mothers, member of the society etc. The victims most times finds it so difficult to socialise themselves with people around them and it has been responsible for the increase in suicide committed these days.

Just like every other victim , this bad omen once experienced by Mrs. Ibraheem Monsurat Ajoke ,the Ikirun born initiator aroused in her the zeal to flag off the campaign against women and children abuse. The injustice meted out on the victims, the trauma that follows, the demand by the law enforcement agent from the victims to prove that the incident truly happened , societal attitude towards the victims and a host of other factors that do make some victims to keep the pains and nurse it by themselves are what inspired her to want to be mouthpiece of the voiceless victims.
The initiator and convener of “enough is enough, we say no to women and children abuse “ has taken her campaign to the traditional rulers, chiefs ,community leaders, political leaders ,towns and villages.
In her advocacy and campaign against women and children visit to the Osun State House of Assembly on Monday, the 14th of October 2019, the law makers enthusiastically welcome her into the assembly complex and are ready to be identified with and support the movement in their own little ways. The speaker of the OSHA, Rt Hon. Timothy Owoeye was not left in the campaign against the menace and eulogises the initiator, charged her to be focused.
During this visit, Hon. Lekan Olatunji , the chief whip of the house in a conversation with the team of “enough is enough” identifies the problem to be ageless and found everywhere. He unveiled the effort of the legislatures to stem the menace or reduce to the minimal by establishing a legal framework that will be hostile to the perpetrators by legislating the Child right law,2007 , Female Genital Mutilation prohibition law,2007 and Protection Against Domestic Violence law,2013 all to protect this vulnerable category of people.
However, he attributed the ineffectiveness of most of the law to factors such as, culture , religion, the society, tradition, law enforcement agent and our judicial system. He said elsewhere around the world, the laws they make put the burden of defence on the perpetrators and not the victims which will make potential perpetrator think twice before doing it. He advised the Mrs Ibraheem Monsurat link up with some NGOs to work in partnership with them.
He thereafter salute the courage of the initiator and charged her not to derail from the vision she is carrying.

The campaign against women and children abuse is to be launched officially later this month with programs geared at empowering women to be self reliant featuring several trainings.

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