Osun Workers salary prompt payment, aknowledging what is good won’t diminish us.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

On Thursday October 4, 2019, civil servants in the State of Osun got paid unexpectedly, and fully.

One would have thought that there would be some animated response because that was pretty unusual. But there was cold silence

It would not have mattered much though if this attitude were a one off. But it is becoming a worrying culture in our beloved state.

We are very quick to condemn and vilify our leaders when they have difficult challenges that affect the people.

Disproportionate reaction to such difficulties, as delayed payment of salaries, is not the best; especially so when it is common knowledge that states’ allocations are usually a month late.

And it is also common knowledge that all natural resources in the country have been allocated to the federal government in glaring contradiction to true federalism.

So, the states are handicapped in trying to internally generate funds enough to pay their salary bills.

It is a pity that we don’t have sympathetic response from many people who often swear and curse when salaries are delayed

But when there was this unusual event of pay coming early at a time workers needed it most, ( to pay their ward’s school fees) on the 4th of October, the silence was deafening.

Nobody acknowledged the relief. But each time there was delay, the complaining was loud and embarrassing.

That is not the noble way to go.

We are better than that in Osun. We hope and urge our people to show empathy in difficult times and acknowledge help with grace.

This world is not all a bed of roses. We should take the ups and downs as part of life and be magnanimous in all events, even if we get hurt when things go down.

One truth you cannot ignore, much less dispute, is that Governor Gboyega Oyetola is governing with empathy and integrity.

Let’s acknowledge something good when we see one. It won’t diminish us, it will rather elevate us.
“Moderation is a managerial asset. You can’t have majority without it”

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