The Wise Counselling (Fèyíkó’gbón)

Once upon a time,there was a man in a community who aspired to be the community leader (Baale).

He was loved by the people and he was qualified by all standard and ramifications but when it was time to make the choice he was shortchanged due to some intrigues within the power brokers and he has to be persuaded to accept a position less than what he was aspiring to be.

Through consultations,he accepted the offer to serve in the lesser office and everybody praised his magnanimity and sense of understanding. As times goes on, there was another vacant seat which is in between the first position he aspired for and the one he was given, he lobbyed to occupy the seat again and all efforts to persuade him to step down his ambition proved abortive but he insisted he must be given that position because according to him,it is his birth right and eventually he was given that position again. Now he was occupying the two offices at the same time and this action of his  pitched him against some power brokers who think he should have stepped down the new title for another person who has not occupied any position before and they started seeing in him greediness and self centeredness, because till then he was still eyeing the first title he initially lobbyed for which was later declared vacant.

Káru Eran Eerin l’érí, kí átún máafi Esè de Isà Ìrè.

Meanwhile,all the good things he was initially known for that made the people stood by him have been abandoned and jettisoned, he was making more enemies than friends unlike before. He lost popularity along the line and eventually he was disgraced out of both offices because of power intoxication.

He looks down on everyone he started seeing himself as “Mr know all” and lording himself over everybody.

He no longer listen to wise counselling and advice.

Please if this story resemble your present position, don’t attack the messenger or see it as direct attack on your personality but rather see this as a call to correction because it is not too late to adjust your ways and make some corrections and adjustment so that you don’t end up the way of this man.

Ódára kí Ènìyàn fi Òrò Olórò kó’gbón ju ti araeni lo.

Eni Ayé únye k’ómáasó’ra
Ayòni Àkèré fi kán ní’tan.

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