The Wall of Bourdillon too Strong By Jimoh Muwwaliu Alawo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


By Jimoh Muwwaliu Alawo.

The wall of Buordillon is too strong for the enemies to wage war against. They did all they could to stop Sen. Ahmed Lawal from becoming Senate President. And Hon. GBAJA from being the Speaker of the house of representatives but they failled.

They tried to stop the ambitions of these gentlemen not because of them but because of hatred for TINUBU. They called him names. They attacked his personality and integrity still they failed.

When they realized that the wall of BOURDILLON was too strong for them to wage war against they changed the music and the dance. They started supporting LAWAL & GBAJA and mobilizing their gullible supporters for the victory of these Nobel people.

They knew they can’t beat JAGABAN in this game. They tried and failled again. They will forever be failure before JAGABAN anytime any day.

As the enemies of JAGABAN failed once again so shall your enemies failled in the mighty name of God.

As the enemies of JAGABAN surrendered and work for his wish so shall your enemies surrendered and work for your success.

Up Jagaban!

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