The Progressives e-Group members are for good governance which Oyetola represent.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

I woke up this morning to read an epistle wrote by one Fagbohungbe Olufunsho David where he was attacking my group over what one of our members named Adediran Muftau Abiodun posted concerning the young guy who just won scholarship as the best science student in Osun and who also happened to be the product of Osun government high school.

I want to state this categorically that the Progressives e-Group are fully in support of good governance and not only good governance but good people like our current governor who has been trying all his best to transform and build on his predecessor’s legacies in Osun.

Barrister Adediran Muftau Abiodun is no doubt a member of our group and not just ordinary member of the group but,someone that we can call the pioneer coordinator of the group because I could remember vividly that in 2014 when this group was formed, he singlehandedly spearhead the activities of collation of names and addresses of all lovers and promoters of good governance then before we later met to fine-tune the activities that later culminated in to formation of this group.

One thing about our group is that we are peopled by group of matured and intellectuals who can not be controlled by any individual no matter how influencial you may be so, he is entitled to his personal opinion as far as the issue he wrote about is concerned and if there is anybody at all that can challenge my group on the present government in Osun,it shouldn’t be someone like this Funsho who joined hands together with some disgruntled elements then to truncate the emergence of #IleriOluwa as the governor of the state of Osun.

They left our party because Gboyega Oyetola was chosen as successor to Aregbesola despite all they achieved under Aregbesola’s administration to go and join another party called ADP and after they failed the election and the battle later shifted to the election petition tribunal, we all know which party they pitched their tent with all to make sure that Oyetola did not enjoy the mandate, all is now history.

Now because they wanted to reap where they did not sow, they have come back to the party now to solidarise with the governor they never wished he emerge in the first instance and castigating some of us that stood our grounds despite all the pressures then and supported Oyetola and not only that we made sure we delivered our votes for him.

Where is the moral right that these guys have to attack my group?

Yes last week Monday we were with Mr governor on his invitation for a meeting which as reported by me was centred on how to Foster peace and unity among all interest groups in our party which Progressives e-Group is no doubt a stakeholder and this meeting was very successful and fruitful.

Prior before the meeting my group have been in the forefront of promoting all the good works of our governor as we used to do during the last administration of our grand patron Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and this can not be disputed by anybody because the facts are there to see.

Except we want to be deceiving ourselves, we all know that there is clear division among APC loyalists in the state of Osun now and when such a thing happened,there is bound to be suspicion everywhere on any steps taken by any member or group of people in the party. Our prayers is that the lasting solution is found to this matter for the progress of our party.

Though we need everybody on board to make the party stronger but,at the same time we need to be very careful about those we mingles with because most of those parading themselves now as lovers of current governor are not real lovers but their loyalties lies on their pocket and stomach. May the almighty God guide our governor right.

On where my group’s loyalty lies,I want to reiterate it here that according to the motto of my group,we are truly in support of good governance which no doubt governor Oyetola is representing now because we can all see his good works across all local government area in the state but on the crisis rocking the party now,our prayers is that our leaders will do something on it urgently and resolve the matter amicably.
The former governor of the state of Osun and the current minister of interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola remain the leader to reckon with not only in Osun here but beyond and none of my group members can join anybody to abuse,insult or rubbish him because his good deeds when he was the governor of the state neccesitated the formation of this noble group in 2014 because we want his good works in our dear state to continue and as long as the present administration too is building on that legacies we don’t have another option than to give him all necessary support according to the motto of our group.

Before i conclude let me use this medium to inform the general public again that yesterday’s afternoon,somebody log in to my Facebook account and successfully hacked it when I mistakenly approved the log in because I was informed when it happened but I thought it was because I also log in to my account with a laptop and when the message appeared that was I the one that tried to log in to my account from another device,I click yes and that was how the hacker successfully hacked the account and eventually blocked.
The new Facebook account has been created by me since yesterday immediately the former one was hacked in case you may see my friend request or you may want to add me on your list again,the name remain the same Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu with the same Progressives e-Group logo.

Thank you.

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