The need to vote for Adelabu as the next governor of Oyo state by march 9th 2019.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Vote Bayo Adelabu (APC) for Oyo Governor

Oyo State cannot afford to be in opposition to the FG in the next dispensation. We cannot afford to be the state in the SW that provides sanctuary and lifeline in 2019 and beyond to a dying PDP.
We cannot afford to be the only state in the SW feeding all those rapacious but now-starving Yoruba PDP henchmen like Bode George, Wole Oyelese, Ayo Fayose etc., and those Afenifebi…sorry Afenifere people…who now owe huge sums of money to Atiku.
I hear Atiku is relocating temporarily to Ibadan this weekend, moving Wike, Saraki, that “science student” FFK and others in with him in an attempt to capture our State so he can recoup some of the money he recently lost. Can we afford that in Oyo?
Let’s “borrow” ourselves some brain and stop playing “neutral pundit” all over the place. Let’s get Bayo Adelabu (warts and all) elected first. Then we’ll straighten him out about the issues we may have later.
Omo eni ko se’di bebere ka fi’leke si t’omo elomiran.
We must immediately eschew internal squabbles, bury our hatchets and come together to work together for Adelabu and APC.

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