“REVOLUTION” What Are They Really “Revolutionalizing”?? – Segun Tomori

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

What Are They Really “Revolutionalizing”?? – Segun Tomori

I hear one disgruntled Ex-Presidential candidate and the publisher of an online medium is leading whatever protests or Revolution on Monday…

And I ask, what are they really “Revolutionizing”??

The REAL Revolution is happening under the present administration, make no mistake about it…

– We are silently restructuring. Last month, All Local Govts received direct revenue allocation from the Federation account, the first time in our nation’s recent history.

– Autonomy for State Legislatures and judiciary is under way.

– Framework for the establishment of Community/State Police is being put in place.

Just a few days ago, the Police IG announced that 40,000 Community Police will be recruited in 774 LGs, with each LG getting at least 50 officers that are resident in a particular LG to be domicilled there.

They understand the terrain, culture and language of the people and therefore will help in effective intelligence gathering in collaboration with community leaders amongst others.

– We are tackling decades of infrastructure decadence in the country. The construction of 2nd Niger bridge is ongoing, Lagos -Ibadan expressway and Standard rail almost completed, the 3,050Mw Mambilla Power project, abandoned for over 40 years is being constructed. There is an ongoing road project in each of the 36 States.

– Millions are being lifted out of extreme poverty by the administration’s National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

– Just recently, the Federal Govt signed an agreement with Siemens AG of Germany in an ambitious, country-to-country, Public Private Partnership (PPP) to innovatively address distribution and generation/transmission challenges hampering the delivery of uninterrupted power supply.

– On the economy, MSMEs are being continually given a boost, agriculture is also taking the centre stage with deliberate efforts of encouraging local production with various incentives while govt is providing a conducive environment for industrialization to thrive…

Therefore, don’t let anyone fool you.

Our revolution started from #Change , It is going full swing at the #NextLevel !!!

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