Marry a Wife Not a Virgin: Food for thought.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Some guys think virginity makes a good wife. Of course, virginity is a pride to a woman but remember, after your first copulation, it will exist no more! Do not marry her because she is a virgin rather marry her because she has the qualities of a wife.
A good wife is a crown to her husband. Notwithstanding, virginity may be a added advantage, however, do not get carried away allowing that to be your yardstick for measuring a good wife, It is worthy of note, some ladies are virgin, not because they chose to, rather circumstances such as: parental or guidance absolute monitoring and control, stringent conditionalities and the fair of the pain prevent them.
The moment they get loosed, whores are even better off them. Meanwhile, if you hear the horrible stories of how some ladies lost their virginity, you’ll almost cry for them: we’ve heard different stories of rape and incest. Some even lost theirs to family members at a tender age, some through armed robbery or as a domestic worker due to unavailable lack of parental care. These are circumstances beyond their control. Would you blame them?
Furthermore, womanhood is a cycle: from a DAUGHTER to a WIFE and then to a MOTHER. A badly raised daughter would definitely be a mistake as a wife and a liability to her husband no doubt about it. Whereas a properly trained and oriented daughter will grow up to become a good wife and an asset to her husband. As the popular saying, “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”.
Conclusively, if you are single and searching bachelor, put this at the back of your mind that marrying a virgin is a pride but does not guarantee a successful marriage and for the virgins, try and acquire the good Qualities that makes up a good wife. Do not make that pride you kept for so long becomes a waste. To all the spinsters, your character is what defines you and the type of home you’ll build.

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