Remi Surutu allegedly slaps Fathia Balogun at a burial.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Over the weekend, two actresses Faithia Balogun and Remi Oshodi aka Remi Surutu, allegedly had a fight at a burial ceremony in Lagos hosted by Mr Bamidele Omosehin, in honour of his late dad.

An eyewitness report revealed to #AdabanijaGlobal, how Remi Surutu walked up to Fathia Balogun’s table at the party and gave her a dirty slap even though unprovoked. It became a mini pandemonium until concerned guests separated them and frayed nerves were calmed.

Sources hinted that Remi had been having grudges against Fathia on what she told her friends as Fathia’s disrespectful act, therefore looking for an avenue to pounce on her and ‘teach her’ lessons. Other rumour mongers also added that Faithia may be romantically linked with the London-based celebrant whom Remi regards as her younger brother.

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