Re: Time for TOP Members to retrace Their Political Steps.(OLABISI GOOFED).

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Re: Time for TOP Members to retrace Their Political Steps.(OLABISI GOOFED)

In the past couple of hours, genuine concerns have been raised by numerous stakeholders of our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State, including prominent leaders of thoughts, on a recent writeup by one Mr Kola Olabisi, the Media Consultant to Governor Gboyega Oyetola but permanently stationed at the APC State Chairman’s house expressing unguarded opinion on the recently-conducted Congresses of our great party.
One would not have dignified the said writeup with a response but the need arises to puncture all his misinformation with facts, before he succeeds in the misinformation agenda orchestrated by his sponsors.
According to a Yoruba adage, a ni ki a je ekuru oran ko tan l’awo, awon alakori kan tun un gbon owo e pada, literally meaning, while some founding fathers of the party are daily seeking ways to bring the warring parties to a round table for discussion and settlement, the likes of Olabisi, in their evil agenda, are still busy fanning the embers of discord among party members. This is just quite unfortunate.
As a political appointee and beneficiary of the current administration in the state, one is least surprised at Olabisi’s outburst as he must justify his pay.
The same Olabisi who was a major beneficiary of former Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s benevolence when he allowed him to be a board member of a major government agency while simultaneously holding forte as Managing Editor of Osun Defender newspaper now turning round to cast aspersions on the former Governor. How pathetically short human memory can be?
Delving into Olabisi’s opinion as contained in the said writeup, referring to The Osun Progressives (TOP) as a splinter group within the Osun APC aiming at distracting Governor Gboyega Oyetola-led administration is nothing but a futile attempt to give the group a bad name with a view to portraying it in bad light before the teeming party members.
The fact is not lost on all genuine members of the APC in the state that our dear party as currently led by Olabisi’s boss can’t win in a free and fair future elections.
Let Olabisi tell the whole world why his boss, Prince Famoodun moved the state secretariat of the party to his personal residence.
The APC State Secretariat, in spite being the ruling-party in the state has in recent times become a laughing stock among members of the opposition in view of its deserted nature. No thanks to Prince Gboyega Famoodun, Olabisi’s boss! Olabisi should also tell the whole world when last his Boss during his time as Apc chairman ever visited any local chapter of the party to have first assessment on the activities of the party.
What other form of impunity surpasses such? Can we all keep watching and allow such flagrant display of undemocratic acts to continue without putting a stop to it?
In view of all these, lovers of democratic ideals upon which the APC was founded, then decided that enough is enough thus TOP was formed to save our party from the path of perdition through which Prince Famoodun and his cohorts have made up their minds to thread.
To all discerning minds across the country, TOP is a composition of genuine democrats whose principal aim is to save our party in Osun State, contrary to what to the likes of Olabisi wish to portray it as contained in his writeup. Labelling TOP leaders as rebels and Insinuating an Unholy alliance with the PDP is parochial on the part of Olabisi and it only shows his little knowledge of What progressive politics stands for. The present leadership of TOP is consist of die hard progressive politicians that have tracked records of consistency in progressivism.
I wish not to delve much on the recently-conducted congresses in view of the fact that the matter is already before a court of competent jurisdiction for adjudication. However, it is on record that APC state Congress was held last Saturday 16th of October at Ogo Oluwa area and Alhaji Rasak Salinsile emerged as the New chairman of our great party for the next four years. The likes of Olabisi and his sponsors are hereby requested to join hands together with the new chairman, to move the party forward. The first judicial blow has been thrown and by God’s grace, the APC of our dream shall emerge.
I hereby rest my case.

Osogbo local government

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