Presidential election petition tribunal,why Atiku Abubakar petition can not stand the test of legal scrutiny By Aduroja Temitope.

To be sincere, Atiku didn’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that he won the last presidential election in the court of Law as he claimed. Atiku’s supreme evidence was “INEC SERVER”. Unfortunately, INEC denied the server and the court didn’t accept it. Mean while, One would have thought that Atiku’s legal team would substantiate their fact with hard copies evidence in those states where the election were claimed to be rigged but no hard copies evidence. One would have thought votes will be recounted in some states like Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Kastina and other states he claimed the election was massively rigged but nothing of such happened. To be factual, going by the analysis of premium Times and The Punch News paper on Atiku’s INEC Server results, the results were disjointed, inaccurate, incomprehensible and statistically unrealistic. In some states, the total number of votes between APC and PDP out number the total number of registered voters and accredited voters. The server didn’t show the votes of other parties aside APC and PDP.
Going by the latest trend, the case has changed from Buhari didn’t win the last presidential election to Buhari didn’t have Certificate. that is, the minimum requirements to contest in the last presidential election. It seems we have all agreed that Buhari won the last presidential election. Either Buhari has certicate or not, I don’t know. Atiku sue Buhari for election rigging and manipulations but ended up with certificate saga. It is disjointed.
Lastly, Believing that a court of law will upturn the judgement in Favour of Atiku today is a mere figment of imagination, a wishful thinking and a dream far from reality.

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