Palace Attacks: Oluwo Warns Akirun, Aree Palaces Attackers Against Sacrilege, Taboo Threatens To Run After Perpetrators

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Palace Attacks: Oluwo Warns Akirun, Aree Palaces Attackers Against Sacrilege, Taboo

Threatens To Run After Perpetrators

The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has condemned attacks on Akirun and Arees’ palaces, a development he described as not only sacrilegious but also a taboo.

He expressed disappointment on the silence of Yoruba monarchs, saying an attack on one is an attack on all.

He described the attack as demonstration of shame and shallow reasoning perpetrated by uncultured, uncivilized individual taking laws into their hands. He said it is only those who don’t pass through the four walls of classrooms doing such in this century.

Oluwo called on the Nigerian Police Force to arrest the perpetrators to serve as detterent to others and preserve traditional institution.

He cautioned Yorubas against sacrilegious acts, saying it may infer the wrath of the Real King (Olodumare).

Henceforth, Oluwo threatened to go after anyone who attack or attempt to attack any palace in Yorubaland.

He tagged pure palace as House of God on earth, and attacking such is an abomination, taboo and sacrilege.

A statement by Oluwo through his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, reads “In a civilized society where the government and judiciary are respected, no reasonable person will take law into his or her hand. The recent attacks on both Akirun and Aree’s palaces are abominations,taboos and sacrilege. It is a collective attack on all the reasonable Yorubas, and mostly the traditional institution ”

“It’s a shame on Yoruba sons and daughters with conscience who think setting the palace ablaze is best means to vent their anger. Civilized and reasonable ones will approach the court to seek redresss. The perpetrators have incurred generational curses on themselves ”

“There have been palaces before the Church and Mosque in the time of David and Solomon. When did you see either Christian or Muslim burning the Church or Mosque while fighting over pastorship or Imam position? Pure, unadulterated palaces are the Houses of God on earth”

“It further saddened my heart that no traditional ruler is speaking against the immoral, uncultured and uncivilized attack on our sacred stools. The source, pride and heritage of every town is the palace. An attack on any stool is an attack on all stools”

“This is a great challenge to all traditional rulers most especially in Yorubas. If Mosque, Church are not attacked, why the palaces? The monarchs should check themselves. The pride of the stool has been decimated. The onus is us to lift the sacred throne above objects and reclaim our glory. Many monarchs will worship Orisha but still, hoodlums don’t fear the stool. We should return to God and clinch to Him. It is only by truly and purely representing GOD we bear His name we can be duly respected and protected”

“I call on the Nigerian Police Force to enforce search, arrest and prosecute perpetrators of Akirun and Aree palaces attackers. They must not go scot-free. They should be made to face the full hammer of law”

“Henceforth, I will personally run after attackers on our sacred thrones. Will they do that to the King of Saudi Arabia? Shame, shame and shame on that town/city that made it possible for thugs to burn their palace. A sacrilege has been committed”

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