Oyo state ALGON mocks governor Seyi Makinde.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Gov Makinde! Accept Our Sympathy, Your Excellency – Oyo ALGON

The Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Oyo State chapter has pitied the state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, for what it described as the unnecessary stress and avoidable tension the governor and his government have imposed on themselves because of the illegal dissolution of democratically elected local government.

Oyo ALGON further described it as an abrupt decision which was actively imposed on the governor by the few power hustlers who took advantage of his neophyte experiencce on governance issues.

The Association in a press statement signed by its Chairman, Prince Ayodeji Abass Aleshinloye in Ibadan on Monday, 27th, January, 2020 and made available to “Africano trumpeters” said, “Since Engr Seyi Makinde did not reject the dangerous decision when he wanted to, then he should blame no one but himself for the stress he is going through particularly within the past 72 hours when the reality of our resumption to duty is dawning on Oyo State government”.

Reacting to a press statement issued and signed by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Makinde, Mr Taiwo Adisa, Prince Aleshinloye said the statement is full of furry, phobia and panic signifying nothing beyond “his usual lies, falsehood and blackmail to confuse the peace loving and good people of Oyo State”.

Alesh in the statement added, “despite our assurances of peace and adequate police protection to all peace loving citizens in our public statement as we resume our legitimate duty, the CPS to the governor has revealed the government’s plan to foment trouble, cause mayhem and retugrn the state to the theatre of political violence and thuggery.

“When a government that has disobeyed court orders and ignored timely advice by police, whose primary duty is law enforcement and peace keeping, promised to unleash “full wrath of law” on lawful people, then the public should suspect and understand that the government is planning to use thugs not the police or any other security agency to impose its “full wrath of law” as it promised.

“Anyway, the police and other law enforcement agencies have assured ALGON and the general public that trouble makers will not be allowed to perpetuate their violent acts.

“Justice is the first condition of peace, a government that does not respect courts including Supreme Court judgment cannot be trusted to guarantee peace but to unleash violence.

“Once again, we assure all citizens including local government workers under the aegis of Oyo NULGE of a trouble free resumption, the police as directed by the IGP are fully on ground to enforce law and the Supreme Court judgement. No matter how high anyone is, the Law is above all. Peace be! No cause for Alarm”, Prince Ayodeji Abass Aleshinloye, Oyo ALGON Chairman affirms conclusively.

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