Our Empowerment Is APolitical, Viable, Devoid Of Partisanship – Osun Economic Team

The Osun Economic Development Team has described a social media post where the team was accused of not fulfilling its promise as fake news and a disservice to our state.

A statement by the management of the team in Osogbo on Sunday said that the allegation is in bad fate and an avenue to discredit the efforts of the sponsors of the programme, who are clearly not seeking either political or religious validation.

To set the records straight, the team put in place a mechanism that will be acceptable to all concerned, and that will also be transparent to all beneficiaries.

“What we have done is to ask each Cooperative group to register and open a bank account for transparency and accountability. The sponsors of the team have already deposited the amount promised into the account. It is now the duty of the leadership of the Cooperative group to disburse the money to their members, ” the team clarified.

“When those who are ready to play politics are concocting fake news to discredit us, the leadership of the Team, was in a meeting with one of our fathers, Baba Afariogun on the modality for disbursement, which would start tomorrow.

“The Team is using this opportunity, to allay the fear of political jobbers that, we are non-partisan, we aim to help society in every way possible and reduce poverty in our society, and we urge those who may be jittery with our last outing not to worry themselves as we are not a threat to them or their political aspirations.”

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