Osun Progressive political crisis that cost APC the seat of power,why Oyetola is guilty.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Permit me to air my opinion on the crisis that is rocking the All Progressive Congress (APC) Osun state chapter and which led to the party’s failure in the last governorship election in the state.
Although there are different analysis and opinions as far as this topic is concerned but,as an insider in the game and with my political experience spanning over thirty years i think i should be able to say one or two things about this subject matter.
The people that are watching and monitoring the events from far distance may not know this but,will always base their judgement on assumptions which are not completely true,though some parts of their submission may be right but when we look at it critically and with inner eyes,one should be able to arrive at this conclusion i am about to unveil.
A lot of people are wondering why the crisis is allowed to festers to this level when the party is blessed with elders and leaders who could just talk to the warring factions to seath their swords but unknown to majority of people,those they were looking up to,to wade in to the crisis are the real architects of the crisis and therefore making every moves to settle the matter futile efforts.

It beats every discerning minds imagination how someone who served under the other as the chief of staffs for eight uninterrupted years could quickly turn to an enemy of the same person in just less than a year he succeeded the person as the governor of the state.

The statement that Aregbesola did not want Oyetola to become governor may be true and right but,instead of using this statement in negative ways to attack Ogbeni,it should be used in positive ways to tell the whole world how Rauf Aregbesola against all odds allowed Oyetola to succeed him in 2018 even when it was so glaring that his successor should come from Osun west but, Ogbeni defiled all odds to satisfy his godfather Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who just issues directive that Ogbeni should brake the rules to allow Oyetola to succeed him. Can we now see that Oyetola is saying the truth that Rauf Aregbesola did not want him to succeed him but, he succeeded him eventually on the same Rauf Aregbesola’s magnanimity, total submission and loyalty to his boss,the quality which is rare among politicians.

Rauf Aregbesola allowed Oyetola to succeed him in 2018 just to please his godfather which is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and this was the main reason why APC struggled to win that election. Forget about other beer parlour and unfaithful analysis on this,because it was so glaring that time that the people of Osun West and other zones were aggrieved that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola betrayed them for not picking his successor from Osun west and thereby broke the party in to two while the then secretary to Osun state government, Alhaji Adeoti Moshood Olalekan Shehu left the party with thousands of his supporters to join another one to contest that election.
The analysis is just simple and straight forward if we calculate the numbers of votes scored by Shehu in 2018 which is almost fifty thousand votes then and compare it with the winning margin of less than five hundred votes,so if anybody is giving another excuse for the reason why APC struggled to win that election,then we should all know that person is just trying to cover up the truth to deceive gullible people.


Yes,the bitter truth is that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the architect of the crisis rocking the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Osun with undisclosed reason but, this could be attributed to political scheming towards 2023 presidential elections which was eventually won by Asiwaju.
Unconfirmed report was that immediately Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola became a minister under Muhammadu Buhari which Asiwaju was not instrumental to,his popularity continues to grow bigger which Asiwaju saw as a threat to his presidential ambition and decided to cut Ogbeni in to size.it was in this political scheming to cut Ogbeni in to size that the names of Oyetola and Babajide Sanwoolu was mentioned to carry out the plot because both of them were in the strategic positions to carry out that assignments.

Meanwhile,governor Babajide Sanwoolu played his own roles with political maturity to the extent he does not allow it to affect his personal relationship with Ogbeni even despite the fact that he too took many decisions in Lagos State to hurt Ogbeni as instructed but,he handled it with maturity unlike Oyetola who behaved as if he was fighting personal political battle with Ogbeni.
Àìmon’sékò Omo Orógùn l’ófiti Oribo Omi gbigbonan.

Oyetola should have handle the assignment with maturity so that it doesn’t affect his second term ambition but, because of the fact that he surrounded himself with sycophants and paperweights political jobbers,he took everything on his head and scattered the whole things.


Political observers are still wondering why the political crisis in Osun still persisting after the elections instead of mending fences and plan for future political engagements and contests,the reason is not far fetched. As a Yoruba adage says Bí’jà bátidi Ìjà Ojai, Onitiju kòníísá, eniti nnanni kòníídá’wódúró

The crisis has become what we can simply describe as fighting in the market Square,both sides will be showing strength and proving points even when the one with upper hands enjoying the accolades from audience,the other one will be ashamed to surrender the fight but, will continue striving hard to gain the control of the fight.

Those who plotted against Rauf Aregbesola and his loyalists didn’t know it will boomerang,they would not have started it in the first instance and now that they have done it and the man still remains like Aso Rock,they are afraid of coming back to him to say sorry because of all they have done to him.
To be continued…..

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