Osun PDP closed case at the election petition tribunal after calling eighty witnesses,case adjourned to Monday 22nd of January 2019.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The total numbers of witnesses the PDP called before the closing of their case today is eighty all together (80) but today alone they called three witnesses before the closing of today’s sitting.

The first witness of today is Mrs Mercy Aneme Okeshi who came to court through supeana
She is a member of National human right commission who also served as election monitoring observer during the disputed governorship election, her report only covered September 27th governorship rerun election alone.

Under cross examination she admitted her name did not reflect on the paper submitted to the tribunal but that of another person who signed it, The Iheme whose name is written on the document is not here to testify.
She said in her disposition that She did not know the name of voters who reported to her that the election is marred with violence during cross examination by the Defence counsels.
She also admitted that her own report which she personally wrote is different from the one the commission wrote.

There is nothing in the supeana authorized her to produce the report and she also admitted this during cross examination, she said she only visited only one unit during the rerun election which is Alapata in Ife North.
She also admitted that the security forces did not harass any voters on the day of election.

Another witness after her is one Mr Ajagbe Damilare Working with an NGO at Osogbo and living in Osogbo as well he work with centre for transparency advocacy which also served as election monitoring group on the day of election.

Mr Damilare also agreed his name only appeared on page 29 of the document as one of those that monitor the election while other members of his group are not in the court to testify.
He also admitted he did not write his own report personally but his boss who compiled the report and signed it on behalf of other observers.
He said he only gave his boss oral report while his boss put everything in writing and signed them.
He said his team comprises of seven members which he mentioned one after the other when he was asked to do so under cross examination by the Defence counsel.

He said under cross examination that he can only answer of the place he monitored which is unit 10 ward 8 Ife South local government where he alleged there are irregularities during the rerun election.
Then the last witness Mr Adedokun Adeola Henry From Dada estate Osogbo Adams street, he is also a member of election monitoring observer under an NGO named Centre for transparency Advocacy.
Under cross examination by the Defence counsel he admitted his name was not the one on the supeana issued but he was part of the election observing group but Mr Ademola’s name was written there rather.
He confirmed that the supeana is not his own but his name only appears on page 29 of the written disposition.
He admitted he was to monitor a polling unit during the election but he was opportuned to visit another polling unit apart from the one he was assigned to monitor during the election but under cross examination he was asked again how was it possible for him to know what was going on at another polling unit since he could not be in two places at a time then he became dumb at this junction.
This how it all ended and the PDP counsels announced the closure of their case after the last witness testimony.

Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu Aregbesola eyewitness reporting from the venue of the election petition tribunal Apo Abuja.

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