Before the Osun PDP deceive or mislead you read the details of what transpired at Election petition Tribunal today in Abuja:

Today’s report from the election petition tribunal proceeding in Abuja the PDP were able to called three witnesses so far before the tribunal went on short break.

The first witness of the day is one Mr Limaam Saleem He is a member of Nigeria bar association that also formed part of election monitoring group during the governorship elections both on 22nd September 2018 and 27th September 2018 respectively.

He said he was served with supeana by the umbrella body of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) to come and give report of what they observed during the governorship elections in the state of Osun. After his disposition was adopted by the tribunal when the Defence counsel reserved their objection to the document he was cross examined by the Defence counsels and during the cross examinations it was later discovered that his evidences are watery because he was not physically present in all polling units the election took place in Osun which is about three thousand and ten polling units and three hundred and thirty two ward across the thirty local government and area office.

Apart from the fact that he admitted he could not ascertain numbers of polling unit in the election he served as monitoring group of NBA he was even not the one that signed the report.

He also admitted his report did not reflect the report of 332 ward in Osun.

He also admitted his report did not covered up to 100 polling units out of the whole units in Osun.
On where he alleged the PDP agents were prevented from gaining access to the polling unit during cross examination by the Defence counsel he was asked to read the result of election in that particular unit and when he did the PDP won in those units and results were signed by the PDP party agents.

Another witness for the day is Mr Musa Abdulahi from Ilesha concord street and who claimed to be a legal practitioner and a member of the Nigeria Bar Association and part of the team that was accredited to monitor the election but unfortunately he was caught pant down that he did not know anything about the report he wanted to give evidence in and his name never appear on the paper nor his signature then he was asked to leave the witness box after his lies have been deflated.

The last witness for the day before the court adjourned till tomorrow again is one Mr Limam Samuel who lives in Kaduna, initially he claimed to be an expert in analysis but during the cross examination he admitted he is not an expert but a statistician.

He admitted during cross examination that he never attended the inspection of materials at INEC office but he only worked on the documents submitted to him by the petitioner and also he never made used of voters register in his analysis.

He also admitted the report was base on specific polling units and not all the polling units because he worked only on 342 out 3,010 polling units in Osun.

He agreed he arrived at his conclusion by using form EC8A and not voters register.

Finally He admitted his analysis based on just 11% of total units.

We call it a day today at about 12:56pm when the petitioner did not call any witness again and the case is adjourned till tomorrow for further hearing.
Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu Aregbesola reporting from the venue of the election petition tribunal Apo Abuja.

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