by Adabanija Kamorudeen


I am writing this as a committed and bonafide member of APC in the state of Osun and as someone who is seriously committed to peace and unity in the party.

I have noticed this long time ago and have since then been harmmering it to whoever care to listen that there is fire on the mountain even when those leaders that supposed to act on it keep on denying the obvious.

Now that is very clear and glaring that there is real crisis in the party,I hope our leaders will rise up and do the needful before it is late.

We are supposed to have learnt some lessons from the past, especially what happened to us between 2003 when chief Abdulkareem Adebisi Akande was dislodged from state house by PDP of which the internal crisis between Chief Akande and his estwhile deputy, Iyiola Omisore contributed a lot, “B’ógiri kòbá la’nun, Alangbá kòlè r’áàyè wo’bè” and what we went through before we eventually gained the power back after almost eight years.

Some of us who are students of history will still remember how things went during that period.

APC, they say we have elders forum both at the ward,local,state and National levels of our party,but I begin to wonder if indeed they are functioning and up to the task, or what are they doing to the matter before it get to this level?

I refuse to join the bandwagon of those beating the drums of war because of my past experience in politics. Doing this will not help the matter,but will only compound it and make someone look stupid if at the end of the day,the matter is resolved amicably between the gladiators which I believe none of us followers will be invited when the matter is about to be tabled for discussion or mentioning.

Where is our National leader and father, Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu and where does he stand on this matter,or maybe he is helpless as well so that we may lose hope completely on the possible resolution of the crisis between his two boys.

To those insulting me and calling me all sorts of names because of my position on this matter,I want to emphasize it here that I am and still remain who I am and will never join anyone to insult any of the two leading leaders here,but can only give pieces of advice if the need arises,but I will never attack or insult governor Oyetola or Ògbéni Rauf Aregbesola because both of them are my leaders, “Enun Omo gidi kankan kògba Ìyá pà’dímón” Although I am Raufist to the core,but this does not mean I should be attacking governor Oyetola because of Ògbéni Rauf Aregbesola,I wasn’t trained and brought up that way.

Sometimes I may give advice that make it sound I am in support of one person against the other,just like what I said the other time and which I am still standing by it now that, to the best of my own understanding of politics and political offices, Mr governor is in the best position to resolve this internal wranglings because he has all it take to do it without him losing anything. Doing so does not mean he is weak,but will portray him as a matured and responsible leader whose focus and determination is to make sure the party remain United and formidable.

The honorable minister too should also be reminded of the saying that a leader can not be said to have succeeded,until his successor has succeeded, so the success of the present administration will add to his predecessor’s success and make it a complete success.

Ògbéni Rauf Aregbesola should let go some things in order for the party to move forward. He has made his impact and which is audible to the blinds and visible to the deaf.

He liberated the Progressive in Osun and make serious impacts both in politics and administration. If not for Rauf Aregbesola, we never can tell what would have happened to the Progressive in Osun then when nobody is ready to confront the devil PDP then.
May the Lord restore peace back to our great party APC in the state of Osun and National level and as well restore peace back to our state and country at large.

I am Àdábánìjà Adabanija Qomarudeen Idowu Mayegun from Egbedore local government ward 3,state of Osun. Nigeria.

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