Osun 2022 and the Naked Dancers; By Adulawo Ibraheem Alli.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


By Adulawo Ibraheem Alli.

A month ago, I penned the political rigmarole in the two major contending political parties in Osun State ahead of 2022 gubernatorial election. I got many calls, messages centred on appraisal of the write up. Many thought I’m dusting my credentials to wear active political garment. My regular observers adjudged it as my usual habit of lending editorial voice to current issues. In whatever angle you may judge me, the message is passed, the recipients have acknowledged. The onus is on the wise to take theirs and act wisely.

Disappointedly, after the release of the previous epistle, the respective party politics is getting messier, micky, muddy and chaotic. I thought planting a guinea corn will be to the advantage of guinea fowl. Certainly, a tiger that will get lost will never listen to the whistle of the hunter. Most politicians ride on the instructions of their stalwarts majority of whom are blind supporters protecting their pot of soup. It is one thing to admonish your leaders irrespective of his opinion, it is another thing for him to respect your words. Either way, let your voice be heard. I’ve no doubt in the saying that, most ruling politicians have deaf hears. If not, you don’t have to be told by your political stalwarts before you know you are naked in the market place.

I could remember my tender age when our neighbor children will join us to walk naked. At that time, we were below 5-year. We won’t hide anything, even our private parts. But when we grew to 7, we started protecting our privacy most especially from the sight of opposite sex. We will wear pants. Even, our parents provided clothes to ensure our physical dignity is protected. The aim was not to be ostentatious but to preserve and tell us we are growing older. The upbringing was rich and reasonable. At 10, we were so comported such that, we concealed ourselves while urinating. But what should we call a scenario of elders dancing nude in the public?

As the race to gubernatorial election approaches, the internal scheming is weak, the two major parties have their roofs leaking and walls cracking. One is monopolizing while the other is battling predecessor. Turning political party to a dynasty’s harem is freaky. A society with many learned and quified personalities will subject such to question. A democratic political party with preferential attachment to certain character will unavoidably breed internal unrest. The accompanied tumult if not curtailed at germination stage will lead the party and her actors to dance naked in the market place. Such is the feature of the major opposition party in Osun. Political party’s failure starts when certain interests are foist on the party jettisoning competency and proficiency. The market is opened, the dancers are ready and went out dancing naked. For how long, it is left to the actors- party leaders, executives and a question of quality.

The government system in vogue respected fair, objective stage for interested candudates. Many parties have failed because they denied the dictates of the government’s system. Most political failures are products of the interest of party leaders and leading actors. A driver preferring only female passengers must relocate to city of no male. A wise parent will not tell his children to their face he loves one than the other.

The political space in the ruling party is hotter than treating the opposition. The poliloquine is ineffective. The in-house ill is capable of distracting quality governance. Ego kills. Even in marriage, if ego can be suppressed, the union flourishes. When ego grows, it affects reasoning, which results to illogical actions. Instead of sitting on dialogue table, ego pushes parties to altercation scene of embarrassment.

Blood brothers fighting dirty to market place, tearing wears, exposing privacy are seen an orphans. The parents would have intervened and mediated. The parents would act fast to prevent future embarrassments of nude pictures taking by passerby. If at all can be deleted on memory, can’t the strength of media in the 20th century be respected?

No reasonable patriot of Osun is comfortable with the political atmosphere of the state. The two parties lack internal democracy. One is lame, the other is blind. It is now left for the people to chose between the duo. But Alli Ibraheem wonders what the fate of passengers in the vehicle of either lame or blind driver.

When actors are in such disarray, the passengers must not be customary in action. The magnitude of the passengers’ action will determine the epilogue of the trip.

The drivers are off track, locked the passengers and go to open market place, dancing and rejoicing naked. It is left for the passengers to decide their fate. The drivers have failed, do not fail yourself.

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