by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Attention has again been drawn to the misinformation, falsification, FakeNews and outright blackmail by the enemies of the people and progress of the state of Osun, using the social media to fern ember of discord and sectional acrimony, under the pretext of Politics.

This time, they have gone haywire to report that Governor Gboyega Oyetola close down Owode market. This report is laughable, ridiculous and makes no sense to any discerning mind at all, but for the sake of not indulging this malady, in the name of ignoring them necessitates that the record must be straightened.

How how earth will a Governor close down a market because its situated in the area supposedly or rather erroneously belonging to his opponent? It becomes more worrisome that such could be imagined, when the market was not closed during election, or when the matter was in court. Maybe, these jobless, social media clown have forgotten that the Osun 2018 governorship contest is gone and gone forever.

Though, one may also not be very surprised as these social media jesters must orchestrate false hood to justify their pay from their local and diaspora deluded paymasters who still sustain their data allowance.

For the records however, what happened at Owode Ede,market was a routine Thursday environmental sanitation exercise by the State sanitation officials, which just extended beyond the scheduled 10am. The market was reopened shortly as the cleaning ended. Unfortunately, this mischievous characters who should be grateful to a government for doing it’s job of insisting on a safe and clean trading environment to avert epidemics,had gone to town to twist the story to score cheap political point.

But the good people of Ede Mapo Arogun know without any iota of deception that Governor has much love and respect for them. What other evidence does one need to show when the Cottage-Ede township road was the first road to be fixed in the whole state upon assumption of office by the Governor, despite the then litigation over the governorship contest? As we write, contract for the rehabilitation of all the primary health centers in both Ede North and South has been awarded. Schools in Ede are also benefiting from the ongoing school upgrade programmes of the Oyetola’s administration.

Please, tell it to this social Media dogs, that opposition is no doubt a verifiable tool to promoting viable democracy, but such is often based on facts and figure, truth from credible sources and not falsehood mooted by faceless and jobless individual. Rather than dissipate energy on attacking a people oriented and service inclined government and Governor, let them secure good jobs. The Osun job centre can be of help as its opened to all citizens not minding their political bias. In any event that they are not ready for work, let them and their sponsors go and prepare for year 2022.

On this Owode-Ede market misinformation, tell them, they missed the target again.


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