Oluomo Adejare Bello thanks God despite unfavourable tribunal’s judgement.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

The Oluomo of Ede land Rt honorable Rafiu Adejare Bello has reacted to today’s court of appeal tribunal judgement that dismissed his case and affirmed the victory of his PDP opponent Hon Bamidele Salam; The former house of assembly speaker while responding to the court verdict has this to say>>>>Alihamdulillahi. An unanswered prayer is an answered prayer. I fought gallantly to be in the House of Reps, God Almighty said no. Who are mine to query His judgement. It is the will of Allah that came to pass and I am grateful for it. I sincerely thank the leaders of my Party, APC for the opportunity and the support all the while . My followers and teeming supporters I thank you all. To my team of lawyers, I appreciate the industry displayed in the Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. Lastly, I thank the people of Ede both for and against. I grudge nobody. This is not the end of the race. Thank you all and God bless.

Rt. Hon. Rafiu Adejare Bello.

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