No Ruling House Has Endorsed MC Oluomo, Says Regent Of Oshodi Land, Akinola.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

No Ruling House Has Endorsed MC Oluomo, Says Regent Of Oshodi Land, Akinola

Regent of Oshodi kingdom, Alhaji Biliaminu Akinola, says no ruling house has endorsed the chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) as Oba of Oshodi land, stressing that he is not from Al-maroof ruling house as claimed.

Akinola, in an exclusive chat with Tribune Online, while reacting to a viral social media report, said there was no reconciliatory meeting between the ruling houses and the transport boss.

Earlier in an interview with Saturday Tribune, the regent had stirred up controversy when he declared that MC Oluomo did not belong to any of the eleven ruling houses in the kingdom hence has no right to the royal stool.

Reaffirming his statement, Akinola said MC Oluomo doesn’t belong to Al-maroof family or any of the ruling houses in the kingdom.

He said, “The council boss of Oshodi LCDA, Hon Kehinde Oloyede (Kendoo) is from Almaroof ruling family because his mother is from there.

But Musiliu Akinsanya MC Oluomo is not from the Almaroof family or any ruling family in Oshodi land.

From what we heard, there was an agreement between Kendoo and MC Oluomo during the last local government election.

Kendoo, according to what I heard, promised that if MC Oluomo would support his chairmanship ambition, he would, in turn, support his aspiration to the throne and that explains why MC Oluomo suddenly belongs to the Almaroof family. Kendoo did that to fulfil his promise to MC Oluomo.”

Speaking on the purported peace meeting where MC Oluomo was allegedly declared the next Oba of Oshodi land, the regent said, “There was no formal meeting involving the eleven ruling houses and MC Oluomo.

What happened was that the council boss of Oshodi LCDA and MC Oluomo paid me an unscheduled visit to my residence.

They requested that I plead with all the ruling houses to support the aspiration of MC Oluomo to the royal stool.

“I have been receiving calls from far and near following a report on the social media platforms which claimed that I, the regent of Oshodi land and other ruling houses have agreed to install MC Oluomo as our Oba.

The report is nothing but false and misleading. It was invented to manipulate the entire process and misinform the general public.

MC Oluomo is not from Oshodi kingdom nor is he from the Al-Maroof family as claimed in the online report.

The chairman of Oshodi LCDA, Hon Almaroof Kehinde Oloyede (Kendoo) and Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) paid me a visit at my residence.

I was surprised because I was not expecting any of them. I asked them the purpose of their visit and they said they wanted me to plead with all the ruling houses in Oshodi land to adopt MC Oluomo as the next Oba.

They said they have also come to plead with me not to be angry with Oluomo for not informing me about his aspiration before making it public.

And I responded that the case is already in court and that whatever step we are going to take will be after the court has decided on the matter.

So, I was surprised to read online that ruling houses have adopted Oluomo when I have not even delivered the message they came with to them.

There was no formal meeting between the council boss, Kendoo, MC Oluomo and any of the ruling houses.

It was a mere courtesy visit to my residence by the council boss and MC Oluomo and none of the ruling houses mentioned in the online report was present at the meeting.

Those that were present at the meeting were our neighbours from the community and the entourage of the council boss and some passersby who heard that the council boss and MC Oluomo were at my residence.

We have not concluded on who our king is going to be. All the ruling houses will decide who they want. Kendoo only requested of me to speak with members of other ruling houses to allow MC Oluomo to be crowned Oba of the kingdom.”

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