Minimum wage, Nigeria Labour Congress,Federal government finally agreed on mode of payment.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Labour Union & FG reached an Agreement yesterday, after several hours on Minimum Wage

Adjustment will be as follows:

“For COMESS wage structure
Grade level 7 gets 23%
Salary grade level 8 gets 20%
Salary grade level 9 gets 19%
Salary grade level 10 -14 gets 16% while Salary grade level 15-17 gets 14%

”For those on the second category of wages structure, CONHES, CONRRISE, CONTISS etc, Level 7 gets 22.2%
Level 8-14 gets 16%
Level 15-17 gets 10.5%

The third category of the country’s wage structure which are military and paramilitary officers were also factored in in the agreement.

Leo Godman

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