LAUTECH: THIS PARTNERSHIP IS LOPSIDED, IJESA GROUP FUMES. …advises Osun to hands off and share assets.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

LAUTECH: THIS PARTNERSHIP IS LOPSIDED, IJESA GROUP FUMES. …advises Osun to hands off and share assets.

The Ijesha people in the Diaspora has issued an advisory counsel to the government of Osun State on the LAUTECH debacle which has become an unresolvable and reoccurring decimal in the last one decade.

In a statement issued by Chief Akinyemi Fasakin, the sociocultural group which intents and objectives are for the development of Ijeshaland and Osun state at large is not comfortable with the repeatedly embarrassing situation Oyo has always placed Osun in the running of the 30year old institution, when public documents reveal Osun has been more responsible financially in terms of commitment to the survival of LAUTECH Ogbomoso and Osogbo campuses. More revealing and worrisome is that about 85% of IGR, NEEDS Assessment grant and TETFUND are spent on the Ogbomoso campus alone, as such, our common patrimony is continually used in developing Oyo economy at the detriment of joint ownership and workable partnership ,over 24 TETFUND projects were sited in Ogbomoso campus with just a TETFUND project in Osun within the last 7 years . How best can it be explained that Osun despite her size and meager resources have spent N26bn in the last seven years, when Oyo parted with only N4bn, this is nothing but sheer injustice to the letter and spirit behind the establishment of the golden heritage which the Ijesas contributed greatly to establish, Fasakin lamented.

“Let it be expressly stated that we are not junior partners in the educational investment on LAUTECH, and we utterly reject the unnecessary and continuous harassment of Osun indigenes working in the Ogbomoso environment” Our partnership of equality was well spelt out by the Supreme court judgment, the statement reads. As a group, we are opposed to the intimidation of our kinsmen for alterior and political motives, in considering the fate of several thousands of innocent students, we appeal to Osun State Government to disengage from this lopsided partnership, do a lateral conversion of staff of Osun indigenes to UNIOSUN, with a caveat that ALL assets, either movable (vehicles, chemical reagents, furniture, textbooks, electronics) or immovable will be shared equally, while monetary compensation will be paid in favour of Osun in case of any shortfall immediately .

Lastly, the Supreme court should step in where and when necessary, if need be for enforcement, as presently eight (8) academic faculties are registered with NUC, and just a half of one of the academic faculty is domiciled in Osun, we are equal partners not subordinates, the press statement concluded

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