Lagos woman gives birth to a baby with Allah shaped ears; Photo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Residents of Aboru, Iayana-Ipaja in Agbado-Okeodo Local Government Area of Lagos were on Monday stunned when a baby born at a private Hospital in the area has ears shaped like the Arabic word for “Allah”.

CityMirrorNews reports the baby is different from all others, because the name of Allah is formed in his two ears.

The little boy was delivered by his mother, Mrs Hussainat Olatunji last week Monday, August 31 at a private Hospital, Aboru Iayana-Ipaja, Lagos State.

The yet-to-be-christened baby boy came to this world with mysteries which had been attracting several residents of Iayana-Ipaja and its neighbouring communities to their family house at 34, Edun street, Aboru, Iyana-ipaja.

He was said to have been born with a strange ear-shape, with an Islamic inscription. The baby that was born at about 2:00 pm has been discharged.

Their house consequently turned to some sort of mecca following a large crowd that made to see the miraculous ear with Islamic inscription meaning, “Allahu” in Islamic parlance.

Speaking with CityMirrorNews, the father of the baby, who gave his name as Tunde Saheed Olatunji, described the birth of the child as the handiwork of Allah.

He explained that the shape of the ear which appeared like an Islamic inscription of “Allah” in the holy Quran was an indication of the message of God that truly Allah is the greatest.

Olatunji added that apart from the shape of the ears, the birth of the baby was a sign that Islam is the religious of God.

According to Olatunji , “My wife laboured for almost nine hours before she was later deliverd. The shape of the ear was later discovered by the nurses.

“One of the nurse who came to congratulate me after she delivered told me that God has blessed me and my family with a wonderful baby boy. I asked her, why did she say that and replied there is a sign which formed “Allah” in an Arabic word in his two ears .

He described the birth of the baby and the shape of the ears as great sign to all Muslim faithful, however called on them not to relent on their faith in God as he noted that the Islam is the religious of Allah.

“My wife is devoted Muslim who always like to pray. During Lockdown and Ramadan period, she didn’t use to sleep, she would wake up in the midnight and started praying. At times she would wake me up too so we can be praying together.

Olatunji added that many Islamic clerics have been visiting their house to confirm whether the information is true or not, adding that both Muslims and christians who have been visiting their house testified that truly Allah is greatest.

He therefore sought for the financial assistance from the poeple so as to be able to take good care of the boy.

This is our first born , as I’m talking to you we have not yet settled the hospital bill. I only promised the Doctor to please bear with us that immidiatly after the naming ceremony , we would offset the bill. We have to move to my parents house for tomorrow naming ceremony. I need people to come to my aid.

Speaking, an Osun based Islamic cleric, who is the proprietor, Ayantulahi Islamic Centre, Eripa, Sheikh Tajudeen Salahudeen Ayatulahi, attributed the shape of the ears which he said means Allah in Islamic parlance. He called on all Muslims to fear God and refrain from committing sins that could prevent them from entering the kingdom of God.

The cleric, while quoting several verses from the Holy Quran to support his claims, noted that, it was written that whenever the world is coming to an end. several mysterious things would be happening.

Lagos Woman Gives Birth To Boy With ‘Allah’ Shaped Ears(Photos)


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