Kill my case and get my full support for your 2023 presidential ambition; Saraki begs Tinubu, send Ahmed to Bourdillon

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


  • It has come to public knowledge that former Senate President Saraki and Ex-Governor Fatai Ahmed are already jittery over the ongoing  investigations at KWIRS.

Prof Awodun, the immediate past Executive Chairman of the Kwara Internal revenue service has been making incriminating revelations at the EFCC.

Awodun has been enmeshed in billions of naira diversion of Kwara money in collaboration with Dr Saraki and Ahmed.

The duo of Saraki and Ahmed are seeking soft landing for Prof Awodun because of the alleged involvement of Senator Saraki with a particular consultant to KWIRS.

The former Senate President through his media team, blacked out the scandalous weighty allegation against Awodun until the EFCC media people put it out last week.

Amongst the various persons already invited in the ever widening scandal is the former speaker who says he would attend next week, creating more fear for the former governor and Dr Saraki, the once revered leader of the PDP party in the state.

Prof Awodun, who came third in the interview process for the post of Executive Chairman was appointed on the order of Dr Saraki, after an agreement of payments and engagement to this consultant.

The appointment of Awodun almost degenerated into a frosty relation between ex-governor Fatai and Saraki until Awodun got an order to make some money available to Governor Fatai too according to Awodun.

From very reliable sources, Lai Mohammed , the Minister of Information and Culture, a strong ally of Tinubu, called Fatai Ahmed to commiserate with him on the death of his uncle, the Onipako of Share. The Ex. Governor took advantage of the condolence call to requested him to arrange for a meeting with Tinubu which Lai Mohammed promptly made possible.

Saraki’s message to Tinubu was simple; kill the EFCC case and get my support for your 2023 Presidential ambition.

Meanwhile, the management of
KWIRS the source says have been advised to beef up security due to possible arson attack on it’s head office as it is common knowledge that the State Ministry of Finance was burnt in an arson attack a few years ago in a similar way that the SGBN bank’s headquarters was burnt in Lagos during a similar investigation on the Bank.

Events of the coming weeks will be of interest to a lot of Kwarans the source says.

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