I am ready to work with Jaji – President Tinubu

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

I am ready to work with Jaji – President Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has reportedly said he is ready to work with anyone who emergies the Speaker, House of Representatives.

The President also assured that irrespective of the outcome of today’s election of the presiding and principal officers of the 10th House of Representatives, he will work with Hon. Aminu Sanni Jaji to ensure harmonious working relationship between the arms of government.

President Tinubu, who held several meetings with the Speakership aspirants, told them to be united to produce a good leader.

A source at the meeting told newsmen that President Tinubu praised Jaji for his efforts on his election, as well as for his roles as a loyal party man.

The source said: “The powers that be finally acknowledged Sanni Jaji. The President has stated that He is willing to work with Jaji irrespective of the outcome of the House of Reps election today.

“Jaji is a loyal party member who worked tenaciously for his election as the President, and in light of this, it creates a United front if he is elected as speaker, House of Representatives.”

Hon. Sanni Jaji enjoys a majority support from law Makers elect from the North, partly because there are insinuations that Tajudeen Abbas is from Yoruba descendant and does not represent the North West zone. The election is set to hold today at the National Assembly complex.

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