Honorable minister of interior,Dr Rauf Aregbesola receives in audience a team from inter government action against money laundering in West Africa. (GIABA)

Today, I received in audience a team from the Inter-Governmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA), led by Justice Kimelabalou ABA. Justice ABA was accompanied on the visit by DG/CEO NFIU, Modibbo Hamman Tukur.

I will continue to provide the necessary policy oversight to ensure @MinofinteriorNG, @nigimmigration and @civildefenders perform optimally in order to meet their obligations as members of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing.

It is my hope that GIABA’s mutual evaluation exercise would ultimately improve the integrity of the Nigerian Financial system and insulate it from the activities of money launderers,the honorable minister said.

We are SET!

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