Governor Oyetola; The feud may erode his achievements.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Nothing baffles me more in this period than the current division in Osun APC. Not that intra-party skirmishes are alien to me, but because this is a feud among people who had shared bunks in the “trenches” during the political “deluge” that lasted between 2003 and 2011 in the state. It is more than pathetic!

These people, commonly hunted, commonly shot at and commonly hauled behind bars are now at dagger drawn. It is a confirmation of the dialectical position that bourgeois politics is as rotten as always described by revolutionary historians. The unabating division has confirmed many actors in the melee as “belly-first” politicians rather than ideologues which they have always pretended to be. Mtchew!!!

The hate game didn’t start today, it almost cost the party victory in 2018 election and it did cause major losses in 2019 in some parts of the state.

Whoever participated in 2007, 2014 and 2018 elections on the side of the AC/ACN/APC would remember the treachery that characterised Oyetola’s contest. Those who pitched their tents openly against his candidacy till the end were not the evil, the treacherous were those who stayed within and refused to do the needful for a resounding APC victory. In politics, most times it’s not only about what you did as a leader, but also about what you did not do. Alas, they were put to shame by combination of providence and resourcefulness. GIO escaped by the whiskers!

The nauseating and resounding drum of war by TAP and TOP has become deafening, but within it, the creepy People Democratic Party has continued to mend its fence. Anyways, a disable antelope is a blessing to a game hunter. I just hope APC will not become the former!

With myriad of achievement the unassuming Governor Oyetola has recorded, how this feud in the party will not erode them remain a food for thought. Sincere APC lovers and faithfuls should have sleepless night over the matter, it is not a matter of grandstand, a danger is lurking at the corner if nothing is done.

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