“Egbedore state constituency 2023 and payback”

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Forget about the sugarcoated write-up from the incumbent and embattled Honorable Ibirogha Babatunde Eleniyan’s paid media guys where they will tag almost everyone on their friend list but at the end of the day receive scanty comments from audience, it is just a payback time for him for his past misdeeds.

Embattled Ara Ago of Ara kingdom never knew that there is something we call the law of Karma until recently and, some of us who are experienced more than him on this field of politics have done the needful by trying to call him to order but a dog that is destined to lost would never listen to the whistle of it owner.

There was a particular post which I did few days ago concerning this same man, but which I pulled down under 30minuites. This is unusual of me, but there was a reasonable reason for my action, it was just to give benefit of doubt to someone who I thought will be allowed to wade in, in the matter between myself and the embattled Honorable, and I never regret this action at all because it goes a long way to vindicate my position and action more.

I have vowed never to come online telling lies about anybody in the name of politics and I will maintain this position because of my integrity which those that are very close to me can testify to.

John Babatunde Ibirogba does not deserved pity from anyone concerning his current situation in Egbedore local government politics, and the reason is just that he is too arrogant and full of himself. You can imagine someone who is just serving his first term as honorable in a constituency where his predecessor spent two years, plus eight years uninterrupted, but he is facing serious opposition from within in his own first term.

The reason this is so, is because of his attitude toward everyone who cross his path either in politics or another issue outside politics. He believes so much in what Yoruba called “Páàgùn” metaphysical power. He will be threatening everybody as if he is the president of the country.
The attached audio conversation will tell you much about this embattled Honorable where he was boasting that nobody throughout Egbedore dare cross his path without facing consequences.

John Babatunde Ibirogba is good as “Babalawo” herbalist and not as an honorable person because non of his attitudes is honorable.

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