Contribute To Economy Through Skill Acquisition; senator Dr Ajibola Basiru charges Youth corps members.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Contribute To Economy Through Skill Acquisition

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Sen. Ajibola Basiru has charged Youth Corps Members to develop their entrepreneurial skills to fit seemlessy into the present economic reality.

Senator Basiru spoke at the Skills and Entrepreneurial programme organized for Youth Corp members at the NYSC Orientation Camp,Ede.

The Senator told corps members that the days of waiting endlessly for job opportunities in government agencies can no longer be sustained economically.

He noted that over 70% of the federal government budget is going into debt servicing and overhead and there are little resources available for core economic activities.

Senator Basiru however stated that the situation is not as gloomy as people paint it. He nudged corps members into contributing to the economy with their skills which are in high demands.

He therefore advised them to embark on core entrepreneurial training in fashion designing,plumbing, event management, makeup, catering among others.

The Senator further called for a reform of the educational system that is largely based on theory to be more practical based whereby Nigerian graduates will be better equipped with requisite skills and knowledge.

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