Condemnations trails the De Conscience media group in Osun; By E-Lion Adebayo.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Serious disgrace and condemnation trails “De conscience group” over their reckless utterances and unprofessional social media conduct liable to incite violence and uproar within OsunAPC.

A comprehensive assessment of social media activities has shown that many Oyetola/APC supporters, intellects and social media commentators are unhappy and are condemning the vulgarity of a self acclaimed group claiming to be contracted by some persons within the government of Oyetola to act as Oyetola’s image maker and fighters.

Many opined that for someone or a group of persons to be qualified as promoters or image maker of others, such group or people must have maintained a very good image of themselves.

While condemnations are trailing this group of hooligans, facebook hired supporters from all angles, many have urged His Excellency, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola and APC government to disassociate itself from the group for lack of goodwill, focus, maturity, credibility, wisdom, knowledge of handling delicate issues and for not having the interest of the Governor at heart. The group, which has been totally discredited by social media users, is said not to be in line with Governor Oyetola’s believe of goodwill, peaceful coexistence and unity within the APC and its progress. Many opined that instead of the group to focus on promoting Oyetola’s accomplishments and good governance, sue for peace, seek for more supporters and woo electorates over to the Governor’s fold, it has been completely imbedded in criticism, embarked on attacking reputable leaders and members of the party and their action is tearing apart the party, among other atrocities. This has given the impression that they may be using the governor’s name and influence for their own personal vendetta against certain people.

Those behind ‘De conscience group’ have been alleged to be serial blackmailers and ‘gun for hire’, known to have acted as attackers for different politicians, camps and political parties (victims) without any positive result in the past and they’re still very much available to anyone (victim) ready to toll their dirty lane of paying them to do social media dirty jobs.

They’re also alleged of being known notorious attackers of Governor Oyetola’s personality, who labeled him all sorts of unprintable name prior, during the 2018 election and after the Governor’s victory at the Supreme Court, such as ‘Ileri Alangba,’ Tinubu’s stooge,’ ‘Ajele,’ e.t.c, all in their bid to truncate his victory and publicly show their hatred and how much they detest Oyetola.

Information gathered on social media shows that people have begun to wonder why it’s those ‘enemies suddenly turned friends’ that would be engaged/recommended by certain elements within the cabinet of Gov. Oyetola to be placed on an alleged monthly payroll, out of the numerous credible, vibrant youths and media groups which stood with the Governor during his darkest moment and whose sacrifice is what everyone is enjoying today.

Some questions:
Does anyone really need monthly pay to support the governor if he/she believes Oyetola is doing a good job? Are these people back for Oyetola’s success? Is their reckless utterances aimed towards Oyetola’s interest or APC’s progress? If they’re with the present government for money, what happens when the money ceases?
Is it that the government is ready to pardon ADP returnees’ destructive actions taken to truncate Gov. Oyetola’s victory at the 2018 poll and ready to offer them rewards, but won’t pardon the grievance of those who stood and supported the candidature of Oyetola to achieve the government everyone is enjoying today (including those interested in monthly pay before they can support the Governor) and look for possible means of resolving all differences? If they keep fighting everyone and high hope is placed in this unreliable facebook business mogul, I doubt they will be anyone left during the elections.

The lovers of Governor Oyetola, his administration and APC in Osun are urging Mr. Governor to investigate these allegations and make reversal to correct things and invest more in his loyal followers, true supporters and party members, those with more credibility, professionalism and reputable profile who he can always place high hope in and not to waste funds in seeking any sort of support from ‘De conscience group’ or buying support of any unreliable alien group.

Information dissemination is a critical job and the professionals in Mr. Governor’s cabinet such as Mrs. Funke Egbemode and Mr. Ismail Omipidan (CPS) are skillful enough to handle the affair, not someone from an irrelevant Ministry.


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