Blow to blow response to the political mud-sliding,tirades and vituperation of the Bitcoin/Ólulè councilor.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


It is instructive to state at the onset that the unwarranted outbursts, tirade and vituperation from Mr. Ayonbo Akinyemi who self-styled himself as a Councillor of Ward 05, Aagba was in reaction to the letter of resignation of Barr Abidoye from APC in Osun State contained in his letter dated 5th December, 2022.
Barr Abidoye in the said letter raised 8 issues as the basis of his resignation from the party.
The allegations are as follows:
1. unresolved division and disunity in APC across the State.
2. blanket delegation of political power by the former Governor.
3. removal of ward Chairman and Women leader.
4. imposition of Councillor against the concessus of the party
5. denial of Aagba Chairmanship slot
6. technical disbandment of Boripe North LCDA Elders Caucus of the party,
7. nepotism against Aagba in term of substantive political and statutory appointments
8. non-attendance of Aagba Day ceremony by the State representative.

Of all the 8 issues, the olule bitcoin APC “Councillor ” could only danced round two bothering on councillorship and Aagba day with watery/abusive defense while the rest remained untouched by him.

This response wouldn’t have been necessary so as not to make an unpopular popular but the essence of this response is rather to expose the futile efforts of the Olules to smear the person of our political compass, philanthropist per excellence with impeccable political judgement, Prince J.A. Abidoye.

This we shall do by establishing all the issues against Ayonbo pay masters as well as puncture all his lies as they know how best to do as a staunch member of De-Conscience media group of IleriOluwa which was set up majorly to attack the members of TOP under the patronage of Ogbeni Aregbesola.
It is then important to say at this point of this response that Ayonbo was the beneficiary of the satanic Councillorship imposition complained of by Barr Abidoye. His imposition was so shameless and criminal in view of the fact that he has no voter’s card and NEVER for once voted in Aagbaland before his reward as a social media attack dog of IleriOluwa.

This was brought to the attention of the party in Osogbo accompanied by the voters register of all the PUs of Aagba all to no avail. Why wouldn’t Ayonbo vituperate? He was thereafter running from goal to post to secure one. It is an established rule that whoever will hold any elective office must be able to vote and be voted for. That never matters in APC due to power drunkenness as was seen even for higher offices.

Pity Ayonbo was touting himself a Councillor representing Ward 05, Aagba. At what election? With what certificate of return? I mean the kangaroo Yes or No election has been declared null and void by a Federal High Court and those fake certificates from which he clinched one also withdrawn by OSIEC itself. I can see hallucination.

Ayonbo alleged betrayal against our leader, Barr J.A. Abidoye? Betrayal having delivered for Oyetola at both primary and gubernatorial elections? A betrayal against who destroyed APC on ground of shameless betrayal of who brought him to power in person of the Great Ogbeni! Sadly enough, Ayonbo and his instructors cum paid masters forgot so soon that he who lives in glass house dont throw stone.
He alleged Prince Abidoye betrayed Oyinlola by allegedly defecting to APC immediately Prince Oyinlola lost power in 2010. This is miles afar from the truth. It is on record that Barr Abidoye remained in PDP as the State Assistant Legal Adviser till 2014 after Omisore Governorship election where he was the Boripe L.G. Returning Officer. Any reader can check ‘The Nation’ and Osun Defender newspaper publications of August 27th and 28th 2014 respectively.
This was far back the time Prince Oyinlola had defected to APC in company of Alhaji Isiaka Adeleke Serubawon. Facts don’t lie.

Ayonbo also supported the position of Barr Abidoye that Aagba was actually denied Chairmanship slot when it was our turn. How could Barr Abidoye who refused to congratulate Hon. Gbenga Serubawon from Ada over his being made the Chairman against the turn of Aagba if in actual fact he has any hands in day light political robbery? It was Ayonbo and other political marauders of Aagba extraction that immediately switched in favour of the insulting and annoying decision against the sensibilities of Aagba and her people. Thank God he said it was a rumour and so be it. It is only alaileepo loju like Ayonbo that can drag an elder statesman like Baba Miccom and his amiable wife in the status of a former Deputy Governor to dirty gutter talk of this kind.

Good Barr Abidoye was nominated by Alaagba of Aagbaland and other prominent personalities albeit out of pressure. Why wouldn’t Ayonbo did thesame instead of being imposed from outside? That was why he used to say he wasn’t an Aagba candidate.

I must put it on record that Prince Abidoye undiluted love and passion for Aagba project knows no bound than many whose father cannot boast of a single Aagba day receipt since 2009 on ground of fighting the incumbent monarch. Barr Abidoye has unmatched feat in making Aagba Community a mecca of all sorts in all his efforts to the extent of mandating all his children to the least age of five years to make payment for Aagba day levies. This is a verifiable facts.
He relocated his flourishing law firm to Aagba from Osogbo more than 10 years ago.
He left office as the Secretary of Aagba Development Council where he also served as Works Committee Chairman that supervised all the multi-million capital projects of ADC without blemish until after the constitutionally allowed two terms. The same Barr Abidoye was from the office of ADC Secretary made the Chairman of 2022 Aagba Day Planning Committee where he raked in multi-million for his beloved town withouta penny or representation from the State Government, Senator and others from his former Party. What more to deflate the lies of the drowning team of Olules?

Anyway, less is not expected of a Prince who never live his life outside Aagba for a single month since his birth than Honourable Councillor Ayonbo that was imposed as another ajele from Osogbo and still live his life there till today. An Osogbo-based Aagba Councillor 😄🏃‍♂️.

Celebrated defection of the likes of Prince Abidoye is not new to politics of Nigeria in general and Aagba in particular. It is on record the our respected Late Asiwaju Michael Olagunju defected from APP/ANPP fold to PDP where he was made the OSIEC Secretary before his final movement to APC where he served as LGSC Board member. This is borne out of what who can offer. Fruitful tree is needed anywhere than barren ones. Only a shallow mind would only be talking of cake and not what to offer!
As rightly opined by Ayonbo, there is free entry and exit in politics. Why must Prince Abidoye leave the sacrifice he made for the ajeles to reap? Only an irrational being would do that. Esinsin toba go nii ba oku denu saare. Let those who destroyed the common treasure of others bite their fingers alone.

As to the unfounded and unwarranted allegations of stealing and “carting aways” (English of Ayonbo) 2018 election fund, keke napep, deep freezer etc against the person of Barr Abidoye, this is purely legal matter which shall soon be sorted out for Ayonbo to know that politics cannot be a cover up for cultism, thuggery and defamation from his kind of person.

Though a sane mind must give consideration to how thesame person that allegedly committed those weighty offences could still be recommended by party leaders and prominent personalities for an appointment that was ultimately given.

A person of Barr Abidoye acted in higher levels of financial and material sacrifices in addition to what he did in Aagba APC at one time or the other before he said good bye to autocracy. Prince Abidoye as a S.A. under PDP unprecedentedly appointed 8 personal assistants from 8 compounds of Aagba in addition to distribution of home materials like televisions, generators, irons, fans etc to home and churches in addition to financial assistance till date. Imagine what a resident personality of his status will have to foot on daily basis. Eni tio niru eni kole moyi eni laelae.

History will judge and vindicate.

Eni taana lara unta😄🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️.

Azeez Sheriffdeen,
Media Aide to Barr. Abidoye.

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