Barrister KOLAPO ALIMI a rare gem flying in the altitude of destiny.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

KOLAPO ALIMI a rare gem flying in the altitude of destiny.

A golden opportunity i have to grow as a litigation lawyer side by side with KOLAPO ALIMI but NOT as politician and I watched him and appreciate him not ONLY as an extral ordinarily brilliant lawyer but also as a former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the State of Osun. One of my golden opportunity I recorded in life is knowing KOLAPO ALIMI, his simplcity, his humility, his oustanding brilliance and his political triumph make him glo like most shining star on the sky.

Just a litigation lawyer he was helping the course of his party at Election Petition Tribuner and he invested unprecedentedly to the struggle for Rauf’s mandate at the court, the struggle which was finally crowned at the Court of Appeal in Ibadan. A recorgnition of skills, brilliance, selfless service and particularly nicked loyality of ALIMI to the political struggle for Rauf’s mandate, he was chosen to serve as a commissioner by his enigmatic boss who appreciated his uncommon selfless service to the struggle that enthroned the AC which is now transformed to APC.

And ALIMI exemptionally served in the Rauf led carbinet and meritoepusely served Osun State through APC. It was not a coincidence that Rauf considered him as worthy of serving as commissioner in both terms.

As a commissioner, ALIMI headed a Ministry that produced the best OBAs of this generation, young and vibrant OONI of IFE, OLUWO of IWO and others. It was an era of disappearance of unwarranted conflict on chieftaincy in Osun State. KOLAPO adopted comprehensive dialogue and rule of law in resolving issues of chieftaincy. It was easier for him been a litigation lawyer, he spareheaded the ministry in accordance to the chief law of Osun State.

It is his destiny, Not a product of the grass root politics is KOLAPO ALIMI, thus, it is without surprise that the grass root continues to envy his politocal status as the face of Irepodun LGEA. And if the grass root is not favouring him with their voting to nominate members of the cabinet, it only reflects the manner he rose politically.

I describe him as highly resourceful, fortunate one because he is one party person that understands the programmes of APC government and explains far far better than others. He remains the voice of the party than any one else.

Also, no one coordinated and mobilised for his party at the grass root than him during the last election. He held his ward, his town, his LCDA and ensured it was delivered for the APC.

The man is not ridding on any one but his destiny… An achiever he is, and he continues to fly higher on blue sky of destiny. The way he bounced and fly high on the sky of destiny is still open to him, he is not yet a product of grass root but has delivered the grass root. KOLAPO is one who continued to be very relevant and plays significant roles through APC for the good of Osun State.

Clearly I state that only legal profession is the our bond and not politics or NOT political benefit. But our bond is the strongest.

The shining of a flyer on the wings of destiny is seen in far sky where Alimi’s journey to the greatness begins. May ALIMI continue to fly higher on the whitish wings of destiny. My ALIMI, my unbeatable golden son of ERIN OSUN. How will they feel why your wings of destiny shine and lift you higher again… ?


I am CHIEF ABDULFATAI ABDULSALAM LIBERTY, a litigation lawyer, rights activist, and DG Good Governance and Leadership Assessment Initiative GOGLAI

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