Bamidele Salam; representation by propaganda By Adelowo Abeegunde.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Bamidele Salam, Representations By Propaganda
By Abeegunde Adelowo

It was June 11, 2019, that Hon. Bamidele Salam was sworn in as a member, House of Representatives, representing the good people of Ede, Ejigbo and Egbedore Federal Constituency alongside his colleagues. The Constituents were looking forward to a better performance most especially when the former holder of the seat was not a bench warmer and if not for some political arrangements that made the party dropped the former occupant, there is no way a greenhorn like Salam would ever be voted for in that Constituency.

Going forward, since the first day in office, Bamidele Salam has shown himself to be a propagandist that has nothing to offer than running to media to deceive his gullible followers.

After the inauguration, Bamidele showed signs of love for his people when he hurriedly commissioned a room and parlour Constituency Office in Ede and also employed about thirty aides which he placed on paltry 25,000 Naira salaries. The noise of this feat will latter evaporated when his colleagues in the same House of Representatives representing my own Federal Constituency, the popular IBO – Ifelodun, Boripe, and Odo-Otin Federal Constituency, Hon. Afolabi Olalekan employed about 70 aides with a salary thrice of what Bamidele offered.

Since then, it has been one propaganda to another without any benefit to the people that elected him into office.

After the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal nullified his election and a rerun ordered, Bamidele Salam hurriedly organised shabby coaching classes across his Federal Constituency in anticipation of a rerun, safe for the Appeal Court in Akure that upheld the election, despite the many inadequacies identified by the opposition party in their petitionnwhohich bordered on the fundamentals of the election.

When the Honourable Minister, Works and Housing told Nigeria lawmakers that the Nigeria roads are not as worst as people claimed, in his mischievous character, Bamidele ran to the media to blackmail the Minister and challenged him to what he called a nationwide tour of Federal roads.

Bamidele and his co-travelers cum handlers celebrated this until the Ministry of Works shut his mouth with fact and also advised him to stop playing into the gallery by turning the issue of national importance to a media comedy that offers no solution to the problem of infrastructure in Nigeria.

While Nigeria is feeling the relief of Bamidele’s propaganda, another childish news was out again, wherein Bamidele claims to have rejected the renovations of the National Assembly complex with 37b.

The first question that comes to mind when I read this news is, what was Bamidele’s reaction when the budget was been debated? If the answer to this question is NO, then the people that voted for him need to query him. The budget was presented in the open, debated and worked on by both chambers of the National Assembly before the final passage and Bamidele did not know there was a budget provision for the renovation of the National Assembly complex? Interesting!

The truth is, Bamidele is using propaganda and his connection in the media to deceive his people at the same time to cover the same for his non-performance which is so glaring to everybody to see. Aside, lies in the media, Bamidele Salam has not sponsored a bill since he was elected into the House. While I wish Hon. Bamidele to enjoy his stay in the National Assembly, he should spare us of propaganda and face the task of serving his people.

One would think that Bamidele will heal the wound of two years’ unfortunate representation in the Senate by his godfather by providing leadership. Alas, he is using media to deceive his people and deny them of another opportunity to have an “anything goes” representative for the next four years.

Abeegunde writes from Abuja.

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