Ayankunle Ayanlowo: An Ingrate’s Tirades Against A Benefactor-kunle rasheed

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

There is no iota of doubt that the outburst of Ayankunle Ayanlowo the ex-talking drummer of Fuji Czar, K1 De Ultimate is generating the usual buzz on social media with many in that frenzy, taking sides without allowing a thought on what the other side may look like.

It is understandable that many are swayed by emotions based on what the drummer said about his former boss. This has instantly turned them to internet judges and justices without them looking beyond the surface of his claims.

Although, K1 has decided not to “wrestle with the pig” by not dignifying him with a response, however, those who know much about the hitherto smooth sailing are now availing evidences to set the record straight.

Many may not be aware that before this trending video surfaced, Ayankunle has been sending several people to K1 to plead for his return. For whatever reason, his boss and benefactor has however, refused this last time, hence the need for ‘Ayan’ to start splashing mud around.

One major issue that has continued to be the bane of the Nigerian society, especially in our dear Yorubaland is that monster known as “self entitlement”. We have allowed this beast to eat deeper into our flesh that we always want our desires to be fulfilled by others rather than ourselves.

The question many should have asked Ayanlowo is that, in that 32 years he claimed he worked for K1, did K1 owe him any of his salaries? Was he not paid his deserved wages as at when due?

That, he didn’t ‘achieve anything’ shouldn’t be the problem of his boss but his personal predicament which many fail to see.

If Kamoru Ayanyemi (Bata) that he (Ayankunle) brought to the band can build two houses and on the verge of completing a hotel in Lagos, how then can we not pose that question to him on what he did with his money in that 32 years of service?

That false belief of being entitled that has made him abdicate his individual responsibility, should not be blamed on anyone else, but himself.

Ayankunle in his fantasy land warble made another claim that K1 has the habit of holding on to their passports whenever

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