An Address delivered by HRM Dr Olubayo Adesola Windapo (Alara of Ara) on the occasion of official presentation of staff of office and instrument of appointment by governor of the state of Osun on 23rd of January 2020.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen



With great pleasure,I,on behalf of my good people, warmly welcome you all to the ancient town of Ara,where Unique events take place.

I thank God almighty,the author and finisher of my absolute faith in him,for making this day and event a reality. To him alone all the glory! from his realms above,he blessed me with uncountable destiny helpers whose unflinching support saw me to the throne of Alara.

I will be eternally grateful to the governor of our state of Osun, Mr Gboyega Oyetola for his patience and wisdom in dealing with all the issues surrounding my emergence as the Alárà.

My gratitude also goes to the all members of the state executive council and career officers especially of the ministry of local government and chieftaincy matters,s well as justice ministry. I must thank the executive Chairman of Egbedore local government Prince Olayieola Abiola,the legislatures and the caterer officers of local government for the steadfastness and dedication.

Working behind the scenes,we are grateful to the entire machinery of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  in the state of Osun under the able leadership of prince Gboyega Famodun.

On the home front,I can not thank enough the kingmakers of Ara,led by chief Bara of Ara, Chief Muraina Adejare Alade;all sons and daughters of Ara home and abroad,whose encouragement, prayers and other form of support bought about overall success. I must not fail to mention outstanding support of Col Adegoke (RTD),Mr Niran Ojo,surv Israel Oyeyemi,Barrister Bisi Owoade, Honorable Babatunde Ibirogba,member representing Egbedore state constituency vin the state of Osun house of assembly,the Olugbodis,the Adubis,the Fanirans,the Obiremis,the Ajayis,the Adebiyis,the Christain and Muslims community as well as the traditional deity worshippers and others too many to mention.

All descendants of Ajadi ruling house of Iraye Oba compound in Ara and Abata compound in Lalupon,deserved special mention for their unflinching support and doggedness. I must also appreciate the entire Windapo’s family for believing in me and supporting as such,my sister,my wife and my children have been wonderful.

Today 23rd of January 2020,is a watershed in the history of today’s Ara for reason of political emancipation and progress. All Ara descendants have therefore resolved,by their show of love and support for this event,to take advantage of the God’s given opportunity to move our town forward on the path of progress. We will not allow ten years of no leadership,which has robbed us of incalculable mileage in infrastructural development and quality of life,to dampen our spirit. With our focus fixed on the field and our hands firmly in the plough, we will leave no one in doubt that we are here to recover the lost ground. Ara used to be known as “Ìlú Oyinbo” our own little London! We are poise to return to those glorious days in which our schools and children will be Primus interpares indeed,we must demonstrate that “OnaAraniOlorunwa”

I want also to appeal to all friends,fellow Rotarians and professional colleagues to come to Macedonia and help; please support our efforts in providing potable water, affordable health facility and Educational supplies to our schools. Ours is an agrarian community and we are blessed with large expanse of land for farming and cottage industries which can provide employment opportunities for our teaming school leavers,even as we promote vocational and entrepreneurial skills among them.

I am reassured,by the powerful presence of the state government here today, that our efforts will be complemented by employing more teachers for our schools,opening up more roads and siting industries and higher institutions in Ara among other developmental efforts.

I want to thank our indefatigable governor whose appellation, IleriOluwa,is positively affecting the state,as exemplified by my ascension to the throne of my forefathers,for finding time out of his tight schedules to personally present me with the staff of office in the presence of his distinguished executives and wonderful crowd. I thank everyone here present for this show of love. I pray for journey mercies as you return to your different destinations. Adelebare,Arinnakoreo.

Finally,I want to express my deep appreciation to the great efforts of the coronation committee,headed by Dr Tunji Olugbodi,that had successfully put this event together within a space of three weeks. May you continue to record success in all your endeavors. Amen.


Thank You all and God bless You.





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