Adabanija At54; Who is Hon Adabanija Kamorudeen Oladepo?

by Adabanija Kamorudeen

Hon Adabanija Kamorudeen Oladepo was born and brought up in Ara, Egbedore local government area of Osun state to the family of late Mallam Aliyu Oladepo Adabanija and Alhaja Maryam Yinyinola Asani Adabanija both of blessed memories on Wednesday 17th of December 1969.
He started his primary education at Young Tajudeen primary school Ara in the year 1976 and completed his primary education in 1982.
After his primary education,he proceeded to Ede Muslim grammar school Ede in the same year 1982 where he started and completed his secondary education in the year 1987.
After his secondary education in the year 1987,he made efforts to further his education to the tertiary institution but,due to financial constraints,he could not,so,he decided to go and learn trade and he chooses Electronics tech popularly known as “Radionic”
Even while decided to learn trade,because of his love for westhern education,his choice was to pass through technical school and he made an attempt at Osogbo technical College in the year 1988 and he was given an admission but could not proceed due to the same reason (No sponsor) then he resigned to fate and embarked on long journey to Kaduna in January 1989 to learn about electronics repair at Skido Electronics,Kusfa road,Kawo,Kaduna through his late senior sister names Risikat Ayanfabi who then was married and residing in Buruku,Kaduna state. As the eldest daughter of his mother,she instructed their late mother to send him to Kaduna where she will hand him over to the man that will teach him the trade.
He started learning trade in 1989 and graduated in the year 1995.Although he signed an agreement with his master to spend just three years but,as fate would have it,there was an incident that happened to him in the year 1990 that led to his relocation back to Osun in that year 1990 and remained in Osun until January 1994 when he returned back to Kaduna to complete his trade learning under his master “Skido electronics” Kawo,Kaduna.

He joined active politics in the year 1990 and participated actively in the politics of that fourth republic until it was truncated by Late Gen Sani Abacha led military junta of November 17th 1993.
He played a very vital roles in the efforts to install democratic government in the early 90s.He was the administrative secretary of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Egbedore local government ward 3, Ara ward 2 before he was elected as the financial secretary of the party in the ward Congress of SDP of February 1993.This was the position he occupied until November 1993 when the military took over power and this forced him back to Kaduna in January 1994 to complete his trade learning and got freedom in 1995.
His first marriage was in 1994 in Kaduna state and was blessed with a kid, while the second marriage was in 1999 after the first marriage crashed.
He was in Buruku, Kaduna state working as an electronics technician and also in to DJ until the Sharia riot of year 2000 started and he relocated back to Osun in the year 2000 because of the crisis.
He got a shop at Faridah Adeleke Market Dada Estate in Egbedore local government area of Osun,very close to Osogbo and started his business as usual.
Because of the blood of politics running in his veins,he joined progressive political movement immediately he returned to Osun from Kaduna state.
He fought for the establishment of Musical Advertisement Associations of Nigeria (MAAN) Egbedore local government chapter and emerged the pioneer chairman in the year 2010.He completed his term of two years in the year 2012 and sought reelection but could not make it for second term due to some political reasons.
He was appointed the Chairman Faridah Adeleke market in the year 2013 and spent six years on the seat. He vacated the position in the year 2019.
Because of his political activities,he was appointed member of Egbedore local government caretaker committee between may 2017 to January 2018.
He returned back to school in 2019 after he resat for his West Africa Examination (WAEC) and had all necessary papers to obtain admission in to the tertiary institution and he obtained part time form at The polytechnic Ile Ife to study Mass communication and concluded his Nationl Diploma in the year 2021 with second class lower credit.
Both his first marriage that crashed in 1999 and the second one which is intact till date are already blessed with children and grandchildren.
To Almighty Allah be the glory and adoration.
Today 17th of December 2023, Hon Adabanija Kamorudeen Oladepo Mayegun is 54 years on the land of living.
Congratulations and Happy birthday, Omo Olufon Ade
Omo Erujeje Adugbo
Omo Oloko dudu idi Oro
Omo Ajanaku padi Oro busubusu
Omo Ol’esin l’eekan, Baba Tomide,Osokanlu Ab’esin p’owolerin.
Adabanija Okunrin Ogun
Gbanbata kosubu
Eniija oba niiperaare l’okunrin.

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