Aaraji visits Ataoja’s palace.

It is was a great honour has Engr Raji Kehinde Aaraji paid a courtesy visit with his entourage of Aaraji empowerment foundation to compliment His Royal majesty Oba Jimoh Oyetunji Abidemi Olanipekun (Larooye). Where the chiefs and his majesty lauded Engr Raji kehinde Ayoola Aaraji for his philanthropic activities to uplift the osogbo community and the state as whole,His Royal majesty stressed further that he is making Osogbo proud in all ramifications without any political affiliation or intentions.
He now urged all the true sons and daughters of Osogbo to emulate the good deeds Engr Raji kehinde is doing in other to make osogbo and her environments grow and glow

Engr Raji kehinde also appreciate his Royal majesty for his fatherly support all the time in making the town peaceful, he stressed it that Aaraji Empowerment foundations is non political organization, that the motives of AEF is to reduced poverty rate in the state to the lowest level.All what AEF is seeking from his Royal majesty is Royal support and royal blessings, we shall continue to give out our helping hands to people irrespective of their political party, family compound or belief, what is sauce for the geese must be sauce for the gander. The sons and daughters of the poor must breathe. Engr Raji kehinde extended his warm greetings to the palace chiefs, omo ilu, the palace staffers, Omo obas and the drummers.
God bless Engr Raji kehinde
God bless AEF
God bless osun state
God bless Nigeria.

Aderanti Akeem
[State Secretary]

Gen Mashood Abiola [State Coordinator]

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