What governor Ademola Adeleke, children have in common:

The Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has a way of ‘infecting’ the people around him with his contagious energy, and his children are not left out.

The governor and his daughter, Adenike, attracted the admiration of many when a video of them having fun at a party, surfaced on the Internet, with many commending the chemistry between them.

In the video, Adenike, who was dressed in a pink and white two-piece outfit, proved that one of the qualities she shares with her father is their love for dancing. Not one to pass up an opportunity to dance and make the people around him comfortable despite his position, the governor joined his daughter in showing off his dance skills. It was apparent that they were having a good time as they moved their bodies to Feel, a song by their nephew and cousin respectively, Davido.

Over the years, the governor has shown over the years that he does not take his family for granted. Some years back, a viral video showed Adeleke also dancing with Adenike. In that video, they could be seen beside a car, and dancing to Duro, a song by Augustine Kelechi, aka Tekno.
Judging by her social media pages, it is apparent that Adenike takes after her father in more ways than one. A fun-loving lady, she often documents different moments of her life on her YouTube channel, Keeping up with Nikos. she spoke about how happy she was to have spent time with her family. She wrote on Instagram, “More family time. (I am) so happy we got to spend time with my daddy.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the governor has been captured in a hearty mood with his children. Last year, he was seen singing and dancing with his son, Adebayo, aka B-Red, to the latter’s song, Jaburata.

In an interview with Channels TV sometime ago, the governor stated that the Adelekes were naturally gifted entertainers. He said, “Entertainment is in our family blood. You can see my sons— Davido, Shina Rambo and B-Red. I was supposed to be an entertainer before I went into business. Dancing has been a part of me for a long time, and I have won many prizes for it.”

Governor Adeleke who does not hesitate to dance, even in public, was christened the ‘dancing senator’. And even as a governor, he has continued in that tradition.

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