Aaraji, Ota Ijoba (Enemy of government)

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


A verse in the bible says the heart of men is desperately wicked,which best describes my present situation with some political class of people,ordinarily,I wouldn’t have responded but from pressure of followers,it’s high time I lay my records straight.

Aaraji empowerment foundation started empowering the people of osun state since 2012 with 493(four hundred and ninety three) beneficiaries trained in 16(sixteen) different vocations at living faith church headquarters in osogbo,the record is there and ever since, though quietly ,we’ve not stopped.

The emergence of Ogbeni Aregbesola announced my arrival among the people in general and same was hoped for during Alhaji Oyetolas regime, I am a lover of good governance,for the fact that I support your Goverment during campaign does not stop me from criticism especially if personal channels are blocked, this was done countlessly during Oyetolas regime and I warned and predicted their exit,the rest is history today.

As at February 2022,I had no formal relationship with the Adelekes except once when I was privileged to say hello to Senator Ademola Adeleke who was a serving Senator then.
Hon Abere Sose,Hon Dunsin Abimbola and about 150 members of their pathfinder group paid a political invitation visit to my G.R.A osogbo residence to plead with me to join the PDP so that we can both deliver the peoples mandate to the present Governor,this visit was followed by the Present party Chairmans visit to the same G.R.A residence for the same purpose,accompanied by Rev Bunmi Jenyo,Senator Lere Oyewunmi,Hon Ebenco to mention a few.I promised to work for Senator Ademola Adeleke beyond their expectations before, during and after the election but not as a PDP member,they all agreed but with a promise to pay all outstanding money due my principal contractor(Messrs Hongye International Nigeria ltd) and they also promised to patronise Aaraji constructions Ltd,Continue with Raufs infrastructural development plan for osogbo and engage Osun indigenes in Human capacity development.
I met Mr Governor and Yeye Dupe Adeleke and they affirmed the promise made by their representatives which confirmed my readiness to combine forces with them.

Election was done and dusted,our candidate emerged and by Nov 27th ,2022,he was sworn in but prior to the swearing in ceremony, the Governor mandated me to accompany the sacked project coordinator of RAMP in the person of Engr Okediya back to his office on the 28th of November to resume which I did in the company of my security personnel,OBA consult,Engr Okediya and the members of staff,within five minutes,the event was over,nobody was harrased,beaten or humiliated and we left.

On the 30th of November,Yeye Dupe Adekeke,placed a call to me querying why I had to go and install Engr Okediya,I told mum as i regularly call her,it was on Mr Governors orders in the presence of some RAMP Officials and DR Adekunle(Former Pdp chairman/ SA on health),that was the beginning of conspiracy ,I later learnt some cabals went to feed Yeye Dupe wrongly but I still moved on to Convene the Imolean group and single handedly funded across all thev39 local government council and the area council to propagate the Gospel of Senator Ademola Adeleke with all sorts of empowerment programs,over #30,000,000(thirty million naira) personal money was spent on this project without a single THANK YOU at anytime from nobody ,not even Mr Governor or Yeye Dupe.
All efforts to reach them to settle was rebuffed;calls was never picked nor returned,No entry allowed at Yeye Dupes residence where the Governor can be reached.

I went on Rave Fm on June 26,2023 to grant an interview which majority of the populace were against then but produced commissioners and SAs for us in osogbo, by November 2023,everything I mentioned on radio became open to the people and I was vindicated😁😁😁😁😁,I am a politician but not partisan, i understand the dynamics of the game so we played it on without Insulting any of the Adelekes at no time,the cabals in osogbo who felt threatened by my rising popularity started all sorts of blackmail just because I worked against them during the Presidential and senatorial elections,I worked for President Tinubu?Why?A Yoruba Man,Nobody from Osun has ever been President before, Tinubu made more leaders ever in the history of this country,Buhari a Fulani man bastardised the economy and the PDP wanted to return another Fulani man in Atiku which i opposed.
I supported Senator Bashiru my blood from osogbo knowing fully well,he was going to lose but promised him he won’t be humiliated in Osogbo and olorunda where he hails from,that is my Sin against the osogbo cabal who poisoned the mind of Mr Governor,Yeye Dupe and the executives at large, but am not bothered because in ANY election today in osogbo if am in opposition,they CANT win me.

To avoid physical confrontation or partisanship of all sorts,I decided to start promoting my foundation to empower the people,the KEJEBU hangout of December 9,2023 with over 5000 attendees with breakfast and lunch served and 1000 free ankara distrubted and sewn for free;thus empoweing about 200 tailors,it was a banger,it made a lot of media headlines locally and nationally,a lot of the political class became jittery,Ten new millionaires were made by donation of #1million naira cash to each of them as business support loan among many others,#10million naira Kejebu micro credit scheme was lunched,we keep empowering the poor and over 1000 OHIS free medical card that affords beneficiaries free medicare for a year at 90% discounted medical cost was fully paid for all in the name of AEF(AARAJIEMPOWERMENTFOUNDATION).?

It’s funny and unbelievable from the above that people can be so shallow minded to call me ‘OTA IJOBA’where is your conscience?I have come to make the CHILDREN OF THE POOR BREATHE,I don’t have any personal issues with the ADELEKES,they are my Father’s and Yeye a mother figure but when policies are not been driven as campaigned,I will always remind them and criticise where needed,I still remain bold,fearless,God-fearing and hardworking AARAJI you all have always been proud of,God bless Osun state.

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