A Character is different from slow poison, a tribute to Rauf Aregbesola At 66.

by Adabanija Kamorudeen


Rauf is unique and different from majority of the regular characters you find in politics who prefer telling people what they love to hear rather than being truthful. Rauf is different from those calm looking slow poison characters and hypocrites that bury hatred in their hearts with dagger in their pocket for unsuspected friends.

Ogbeni is a fighter when he is fighting and a lover when he is loving. I am reemphasizing the character of a distinct leader who doesn’t wear fake calm face whenever he feels offended, he speaks up once he feels unjustly persecution of his people has gotten to unbearable position.

I am telling you about a man who prefers to be misunderstood instead of compromising his integrity, a true friend of the masses and progenitor of massive social intervention projects in public office.

ONÍ TÈMI ÀRÈMÚ, may Almighty Allah continue to fortify, bolster and reinvigorate you.


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